[UPDATE] Vehicle Rammed Willow Creek Business and Thieves Stole Chainsaws

12400684_1002082066517272_6175309638102019242_n (1)[UPDATE below saw photos] About 6:53 p.m, yesterday, a vehicle occupied by a man and a woman what is now believed to be two men rammed into Bigfoot Equipment and Repair. The two man and woman then rushed in through the damaged door and made off with approximately five new chainsaws.

A Craigslist posting is circulating in the community. It states that the vehicle is “possibly a Suzuki or similar small SUV.” It also stated,

The saw models include the Husqvarna 445, 455, and 365. All serial numbers are on file and stamped into the internal engine housing. The saws are floor models and are in flawless condition.
[Be] aware of the following:

1.a $1000 cash reward is available to any person(s) who assists in returning the saws and/or bringing charges against the thieves,

2. any person who turns in any or all of these saws will be safe from prosecution,

3. any person found with any of these saws at any time henceforth shall be prosecuted and barred from our establishment for life. We will probably bar your family members too, just for spite. Don’t buy these saws, neighbor. Call the sheriff instead.707-445-7251

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UPDATE 2 p.m.: According to Ready Davis one of the partners in Bigfoot Equipment, 

I was hasty in suggesting that the culprits were a couple, further inspection shows that both were likely male. Both wore hoodies and jeans. We are trying to get some better images but need some technical help to do so.
 Here is a list of the stolen saws, all are Husqvarna brand:
Model#                                     Ser#
445   18″                                       2015 2400069
455 Rancher  20″                          2013 4000153
555      24″                                    2015 0900268
365      24″                                    2015 2201055
365      28″                                    2015 2201278


  • Thank you, Kym!

  • Barry Wallowberg

    That sucks, hope their insurance company will pay out and not raise their rates.

    Odds are these saws will be clearing land for dope grows and parking for Toyota trucks.

    Hope they find them before it’s too late.

    • sharpen your pencil

      Your pathetic ramblings on Toyota’s are quite pathetic. You must have nothing better to do than soak up your SSI and be dillusional.

      • It does seem that drivers of Toyota truck drivers often speed and tailgate. They also get horrid gas milage, especially the Tundras.

    • Your stereotyping has no end it seems

    • What else would they be used for?

      • sharpen your pencil

        Let’s see first example that would make more sense is a tweeker for cutting down firewood to sell for his tweek fix. Second idea would be to warm up a junkies spoon. Or considering it’s willow creek. Maybe it’s a native sticking it to whitey. All of which make more sense than somebody stealing the saws to cut flats for Toyota’s… most people in the know wouldn’t make such a dumb remark. They have enough money to buy hundreds of saws.

        It’s just Barry Wallowing in his own redundancies….

        • Barry Wallowberg

          That’s not true.

          Many Toyota drivers do squatter grows and rip to make it happen.

          Native Pride might be behind it, but tweakers don’t cut firewood. I guess the exhaust would warm a junkie spoon, but don’t know if junkies have the strength needed to pull the cord, maybe they tye off with it?

          Betting these saws are found in a Toyota, let’s watch and see.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        For cutting firewood for any reason. Chainsaws are used for cutting firewood and clearing brush around the world. You are either posting from your parents’ basement or you are an extremely naive city – dweller.

    • I resent all the innuendo regarding Toyotas and pot growers. I’m not a pot grower, never have been. Yet Toyotas are my choice of vehicle

      • sharpen your pencil

        He is not including the prius family in his general statement however, intellegent enough to make his statement seem smart by simply including trucks after Toyota. Not so much…

    • Bearded Toyota Mafia

      “Odds are these saws will be clearing land for dope grows and parking for Toyota trucks”
      We can only hope so!

      • Freerangecitizen

        Notice how Barry has never volunteered his mode of transportation… Prius is out. I’m going with a Yugo. Very efficient milage with no expectation of ever needing a Work vehicle. Anyway… Chris and Reddy @ Bigfoot are Honest, Fair, and Soulful. I wish the thieves many careless moments with all those sharp saws.

        • Barry Wallowberg

          Told you lifted insight. Get over it.

          • Flush BW in 2016

            [edit] You should get over your Toyota fixation. I was hoping Kym would find a reason to edit your comments. You would fit in better over at LOCO. I thought she was moderating this site differently.

  • I used to say ‘if itcain’t red hot or nailed down’.. but these days thieves have crowbars and potholders….sigh….

  • Vehicles looks like a 1999 Suzuki Grand Vitara. Just got this photo from google images. Hope it helps!

  • Jail for 5 years and then community service work for another 2-3. These low life, good for nothings need to be made examples of the new Humboldt County DA’s office. Pedal down and don’t let up. Dirt Bag POS This is the reason your insurance goes up and up and up. They make a business owner put bars on everything. We don’t live in Mexico and the people of our beautiful County shouldn’t have to put up with living in fear of having anything they own stolen from their front yard. Report these fools and then prosecute them to the fullest extend of the law.

  • Why would they ram their own vehicle into the saw shop? Is there a Suzuki reported stolen?

  • I would hope there is enough I.D in the form of a serial # or something to help identify one should one end up in a local repair shop.
    Being new Husky’s will probably make them unlikely to need repair unless they are really abused thou.

  • The car is likely stolen and the saws were already sold to score heroin. Heroin has a tight grip on eastern Humboldt County and users are getting increasingly more brazen in their attempts to feed their daily habit.

  • Criminals hoping to make a fast buck once loggers, miners & ranchers are back to work? I hope they get caught & not the innocents who unknowingly purchase these.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Nobody who purchases these chain saws is innocent. Got a new chain saw for Russian Christmas (Jan. 6) do ya?

      • I agree. Anyone buying these saws from the thieves, trading drugs for them, storing/hiding them, etc. is just as guilty as the thieves themselves in my opinion.

  • Man sorry to hear that! Ill keep my eyes out for you reddy!

  • Wow , it sucks that dope smoking and growing scum are rampaging our businesses and town. The best solution is to shoot those who loot, starting with these two. They deserve it. I work for what I buy. These two didn’t. I hope they get caught AND PUNISHED, then turned over to the sheriff, in that order.

    I bet these two are growers and took the saws to clear cut our forest in the name of profit. F’n scumbags. I hope you two get caught.

    • “I bet these two are growers….” Are you fuckin serious? I bet these two are too lazy and worthless to grow anything. What they actually are is two piece of shit, skumbag thieves.

  • I love my Toyota

  • This happen to the place that I work at in Fort Bragg California. Hare Creek Nursery and Power Equipment. It was in October 2015. Lost over $17,000 worth of equipment.

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