Vehicle and Dog Found in Fort Bragg Homicide Case


Photo of the 1990 red Chevy pickup belonging to the victim provided by MendocinoSportsPlus, a Facebook based news site for the area.

Press release from the Fort Bragg Police Department:

On January 2, 2016, officers of the Fort Bragg Police Department conducted a welfare check at an address located in the 100 block of Morrow Street in the city of Fort Bragg. Upon making entry into the residence, officers discovered the resident, Dennis Boardman, deceased on the floor inside.

Due to the suspicious nature of the discovery, officers secured the residence in order to obtain a search warrant and continue their investigation. Officers further discovered that Boardman’s dog “Bugsey”, and his red 1990 Chevrolet pick-up truck equipped with a homemade camper, were not at the location. A statewide BOLO (Be On the Look Out) was issued for Boardman’s vehicle.

In the early morning hours of January 3, 2016, the Fort Bragg Police Department received notification from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office, that Boardman’s vehicle had been located and recovered near the community of Carpinteria in southern Santa Barbara County. It was reported that Boardman’s unoccupied vehicle had been located by Sheriff’s Deputies on December 30, and Boardman’s dog was removed from the vehicle due to lack of food or water. Upon the issuance of the BOLO for Boardman’s vehicle in regard to this case, Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Deputies recognized the vehicle based on the description, and returned to the location and recovered it as evidence in this case.

This investigation is ongoing, and the Fort Bragg Police Department will continue to update the public and media as information is received and becomes releasable.

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  • Barry Wallowberg

    I bet it was found at that sewage plant that doubles as a park.

    Could be anywhere, bet the killer is headed to Mexico.

  • I am pretty sure I have seen that truck with that camper, and probably Dennis, then, in Santa Barbara in the last year…more than once.
    That may be a coincidence or not..Carpinteria being just 10 miles away from where I regularly saw the truck.
    If a leo needs to ask me more Kym, you have my email, so…

    A very sad story…..especially the dog negligence however Dennis died.

  • Is there any way to find out more about where this man’s dog ended up? It would be great if there was a way to find the dog, and get him back to this man’s family/friends.

  • I was wondering about his poor dog he must be so sad without his master I prey that someone takes care of him

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