Two Victims of New Year’s Day Fire in Hospital as Family Looks for Funds to Bury Two-Year-Old

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Jacoby Odom (right) with younger brother, Jayden not long after Jayden’s birth. [Photos used with permission of the family.]

On New Year’s Day morning a tragic fire claimed the life of two-year-old Jacoby Odom near Willits.  His father Leroy Odom and younger brother Jayden both received major burns as the father struggled to save his children. The mother also received burns. (See information from the Mendocino County Sheriff here.)

The father is currently in the hospital with “first, second and third degree burns to his face, arms, and chest,” according to a GoFundMe site was set up last night for the family. (See bottom photo below.)

7967407_1451789495.4748_funddescriptionThe 14-month-old is at the Sacramento Shriner’s Hospital in the ICU with “first and second degree burns to his arms and back,” according to the same site. (See top photo above.)

“This family is torn apart by a tragic fire that has left them homeless and in despair mourning for their little angel,” states information on the site. “The fire left them with a total loss of everything.”

As of 11:25 a.m., the fund to raise money for Jacoby Odom’s funeral expenses has reached $2500. If you would like to contribute, click here to see more information about donating.

UPDATE 1:10 p.m.: A family member requested,  “Any kind of donations for the other 2 children like clothes 4-5T size 11 shoes girl and for 18-24 months size 8 shoes boys. Just the basic needs for the kids and mother would also help because they lot everything in the fire…Thank you to all the community during this difficult time.””

Donations can be left at the Sherwood Valley Tribal Center located at 190 Sherwood Hill Drive in Willits or in Ukiah at the Trinity Baptist church located at 900 South Dora with Pastor Mike Fenton.

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  • I am so sorry.
    What I can do is not much but I will do what I can.

  • Such heart wrenching news. My condolences to the family & friends.
    Thank you for the gofundme link, I hope the communities can help them through this.

  • Please let me know how I can help. This is so heart breaking. I’m so sorry this has happened.

  • I’m so sorry my heart & thoughts to the family in hopes of good recovery No parent should have to bury their child again my deepest thoughts to the family

  • If you own land bury the infant on your own property. From what I know that is still legal.

    • Forbodden…WHAT? i’m sorry, but i find that idea so inappropriate it about floors me.
      i wonder why you would make such a statement, and make it publicly. how would you react to that statement if you were in such a dire situation?

      i need to shut up and take a nap now. woke up sick and obviously too witchy to play nice.

  • Really doubt that it is legal 2 bury a child on ur own land. Yeah, have known hippies to bury newborns, that were home births that did not have birth cert yet, just saying. RIp little angel.

  • What size is Mom?

  • My heart is breaking for this family,I’ll be praying for all of you,and rest in peace little a child I was in a house fire with my Grandfather,we lost everything.that feeling has never left me,we jumped out our two story home,but I can never forget all the loving folks that helped us,with blankets,place to stay,food etc and the red cross their awsome.So if folks can help,anything helps bless your hearts in advance

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