Broken Window Extravaganza


Photo of the damaged vehicles provided by Jim Wasetis

Someone broke windows in three vehicles on Myrtle Avenue last night or early this morning, according to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

At this point, law enforcement doesn’t know if items were stolen or if this was a random act of hostility against the universe. Victims of the attack are encouraged to report their damages online.



  • “Comprehensive” coverage covers the damage. Check the box. The small amount ($15 a year) add-on to car insurance (AAA, mine) is definitely worth it; and I learned that the hard way. It also covers the rain damage caused by the broken windows, including clothing, aux speakers, and other contents, as well as the theft of exposed possessions.
    I hope these folks are covered.
    Wanton acts of BS are such a testimony to the times in which we live. Be prepared! af

    • It’s turning into a day online where just about every click of my mouse seems to me to be strong reinforcement of your point here. The testimony is coming hard and heavy and it is NOT promising.

  • Does not surprise me. I had a dope smoker TRY to break into my car WHILE I WAS IN IT. These scumbags just don’t get it, and they seem to be multiplying in number every day. Time to move away from this county & state. It’s sinking fast.

    • Sorry that happened to you.

      Dopers will stop at nothing to get high. Clear cutting forest, shooting at hikers, killing each other, draining water sources, working in government unions, breaking into homes, destroying property, holding communities hostage, are just some of their crimes.

      Dopers are even stealing real estate while wrecking neighborhoods.

      What can be done?

      People just need to decide that they should never talk to dopers. If dopers couldn’t get fuel, food, shelter, or services they would leave.

      Don’t rent to that Toyota, don’t sell it fuel, don’t allow it to buy food, don’t fix it when it’s broken.

      Cut them off and they will go away.

  • To say, what has happened to the respect for others is gone. Did it die because of bad parenting? Did it die because of over population? Did it die because of a lack of education? Some social viral disease has infected our communities. And the group tumor cancer is killing us. The police bandage is not working. The threat of incarceration social medication is not working. Bad gov’t doctoring is out weighing good gov’t doctoring. If we don’t find a solution we are doomed to a very painful social death. And that cemetery will be huge.

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