One Dead, Multiple Burn Patients at Willits Structure Fire

One person [a two-year-old] is dead and at least one adult as well as an infant received major burns this morning in a mobile home fire which was reported about 9 a.m. on Eastside Road in Willits, according to scanner traffic.

Cal Fire tweeted that they were assisting Little Lake fire at a “[s]tructure fire with multiple burn patients.”

According MendocinoSportsPlus who was listening to the scanner, “The male 25-pound, 18-month-old 14-month-old infant was being transported Code 3 to Willits Airport for air transport [REACH Air Medical Services] with burns to its back & chest.”

One victim was transported to Howard Hospital with burns, according to the scanner..



  • Prayers sent!!!!

  • I’ve had to load a co worker into a helicopter once for third degree burns. Its not an easy event to deal with. I’m Sending good vibes and thoughts to the family and emergency personnel on scene.

  • My son 2yr old was inside and couldnt get to him IT WASNT A PERSON IT WAS A TODDLER MY BABY took the fire department one hour to get out to us and they knew he was still inside and they knew we needed ambulance for my 14 month old not 18 months and husband burned …REPORT IT RIGHT!!!! OR DONT REPORT IT!!!!!

    • I am so sorry for your family. The pain you must be feeling seems like it must be almost unbearable. I’m sorry if in anyway this report contributes to you pain but the information collected came from scanner reports. These are the first pieces sent out from a scene and sometimes can be inaccurate. But they provide ongoing information on situations the community needs to know about. If you would like to personally contact me, the reporter, my email is Meanwhile, I’ll attempt to get more information.

    • I agree. ! I would be one angry momma! Prayers to you and your baby and all that was involved.

    • I can feel your hurt and anger. Only God knows the heartbreak you are going through. I would be very angry too. Our children are precious gifts from God and to see them hurt is hurting part of us. We are praying for you, your husband and children. May the peace and comfort of our Lord Jesus surround you and His hedge of protection keep you from those who are doing bad reporting.

    • My name is Michael Mott and I’m covering this for The Willits News, and wanted to reach out. We are so sorry for your loss. If you’d like to speak, you can reach me at, where I can give you my phone number also. We are so very sorry again for your loss and for this tragedy. Please feel free to reach out at any time.

  • Sending prayers and hopeful thoughts! Be careful out there folks.

  • We are all competely devastated by our loss of your baby boy. I cry with you, and know your life will be changed forever. My husband works for the mortuary and he carried your child away. He raised his hands over him and said a prayer. I want the family to know he is and was honored on his day of passing.

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  • Oh my goodness this is horrific. I’m weeping many tears for you, I’m so sorry for your loss and I pray your other baby and husband have a speedy recovery.

  • Victims other children

    We love you guys please call us as soon as you can!!! 4798317865 love all your step kids!! & we are sorry!

  • Vickie in Arizona

    My prayers and heart goes out to you and your family

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  • MOMMA, I am doing what I can spreading the word about the fundraising efforts to help your family As of this am 22,000 people have the opportunity to see the story about your family and the ways they can best help you in this tragic time. Many have begun sharing the story and donating to your fund. I lost my father last year and my sister years ago in a tragic accident, I feel your pain although I do not know you. I will continue to help you get the word out about the fundraising efforts that have been set forth for your familys recovery and burial costs. I am sooo sorry this happened to you and I pray for you.

  • The father involved in this horrific accident is My Nephew and my heart aches for the family and pray for the entire family at this terrible time. I LOVE YOU LEROY ♡♡♡

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