Drive Slow in this Icy Weather (Photos of Crash on 36 Yesterday)


Be careful on those icy roads roads today. Ice on roads will be a problem for awhile.

The National Weather Service predicts,

Frigid low temperatures are expected again tonight into early Saturday morning…Temperatures will fall into the teens and 20s across the interior with the coldest temperatures in northeast Mendocino and Trinity counties. Temperatures will likely remain in the lower 30s at the immediate coast, but nearby in valleys protected from the wind lows will fall into the upper 20s. This includes places like Fortuna, Cutten, Blue Lake, and Boonville.

This vehicle went off the road yesterday on Hwy 36 just out of Larabee Valley about 2 p.m. According to photographer Laurie Jenson, the driver “lost it and high-centered going backwards down the bluff….[A] good Samaritan came along and hooked on to him  with chains and got him  out.”

(Thanks to all the good Samaritans in this world!)




  • 25 deg in Laytonville last night. Crystal clear weather. Stayed at the family ranch. I saw the most outstanding fireworks show that I’ve ever seen. Plus, there was numerous large explosions. Most likely dynamite. Those Layton-villains know how to do it up right!


    An appropriate song for the weather….

  • Nice job to help folks out!HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!please drive safe,drive like you wanna live

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      “Drive like you wanna live.” Seriously, I love it. That means Slow Down if the horse trough is iced over. It’s not July anymore, ToTo. Maybe: drive like you wanna stay alive. Drive to stay alive.

  • Another truck just went off the road n down the embankment in the same spot approx 45 min ago. Mile marker 32.50

    • It went off the road at 1:50pm about 40 ft from yesterdays accident.
      The ONLY people who stopped and ask if everyone was okay were the locals.

  • If anyone has seen 2 heelers two males a red and blue they have been missing for 3 months now and Were still hoping they are alive or getting taken care of they were being seen at mm33 in larabee valley if anyone has seen them please call 7072732333 1 red heeler 1 blue heeler about 2 years old the red roscoe has a flat spot on the top of his left ear and the blues ears don’t stand up all the way they won’t come to anyone but me so if seen please call they are missed very much

  • 25 degrees in Carlotta at 7:45 AM. “FROSTY” Chickens are laying ice cubes.

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