One Fatality in Thanksgiving Day Accident

On Thanksgiving evening, one woman was killed and one man was injured when the 1996 Ford Aerostar they were in crashed near Tamarak Drive north of Crescent City. The two Smith River residents were traveling northbound on Hwy 101 last Thursday when the van went off the road and rolled several times. Ted Brown (age 78) and Barbara Brown (age 69) received major injuries were taken to the Sutter Coast Hospital. Barbara Brown succumbed to her injuries.

According to the California Highway Patrol, neither alcohol nor drugs is believed to be a factor in the accident.




  • My prayers to the.familys

  • According to the report “they were driving” the ford Aerostar. Maybe if just one of them drove there wouldn’t have been an accident.
    Meaning no disrespect to the victims, please accept my sympthy, just questioning the story.

    • Ernie, if you are going to pick on me then there’s no hope. (I fixed it.)

      • Kym
        Any news on the identity of the victims of the vehicle that went into the Trinity River a few days ago?

      • I’m sorry Kym, I know that I always say “if you know what they meant to say, you know what they said, there is no need to correct.” I just caught the humor of them both driving. Although it is a completly sad occasion that truely saddens me.

        You know that I admire your work on this blog. But if you don’t, I’ll say it again, great job! You provide a much needed service to this community.

        • Ernie, first my deepest sympathies to the family of this terribly sad accident, my wife and I both drive our car at the same time quite often. I’m doing the actual maneuvering of the vehicle but she is definitely driving from the passenger seat.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Yeah, this darn blogging has finally turned Ernie. Hate to see it. He’s never on LoCO anymore. I used to be an OK guy, too, but the dark side got me. E-Bran, it’s Lo-burst! All is forgiven, dude. I didn’t mean it!

  • The Browns.Ted and very sorry to the family’s God bless rip Barbara.such a deadly highway people drive way to fast on that stretch

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