People’s Climate March in Arcata

In solidarity with the Paris Climate Change Conference which is beginning now, about 120 protesters are marching today in Arcata. They are joined by groups of other protesters in cities around the world who are seeking changes in response to the current climate crisis.

Billed as the People’s Global Climate Change March, protesters met at 10 a.m. at Humboldt State University library and are walking to the Plaza where they will gather at noon.

One of the organizers, Jacky Wadham wrote, “For many people the Climate Summit in Paris this year is our last chance to truly combat climate change globally. If we and our leaders decide to ignore the implications of runaway climate, the very existence of our civilization will be threatened.”

Photos provided by reader Carol Andersen.



  • How many truly know what they’re really marching for?
    Will they one day awaken to a face palm or a pat on the back?
    Tom DeWeese has an enlightening video if anyone’s interested. “Global warming and Global Governance”. The end is helpful.

  • Thank you so much for being present! This march was a great opportunity for concerned community members and grassroots groups to communicate their ideas and goals with one another. I can assure you that those involved have a level head about what they’re marching for – climate justice. Climate justice meaning we must be honest with ourselves and face the realities of the exploitation (of people, land, and resources) we perpetuate here and abroad, and CORRECT these errors.

    • And what exactly does this “justice” and
      “correction” entail? And what of those that simply laugh at you and refuse? Do you truly know who is behind the green curtain of these “protests” that do not much of anything? Ever wonder why it’s only young persons that are approached to join in the protests? It’s because their minds are open and easy to persuade with a good schtick by slick con men.

    • “Global sustainability requires the deliberate quest of poverty, reduced resource consumption and set levels of mortality control.” Professor Maurice King

      “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrial nations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?” Maurice Strong, chairman of United Nations summit

      Social Equity:
      –Distribution of world’s wealth by government
      –No private property

      Three Modes of Attack:
      1. Destroy private property, control & rights
      2. Impose Regional Councils (unelected, unconstitutional)
      3. Feed the plan with federal grants

      • Fan that ‘crazy fire’ why don’t ya? Course, burning your nutty ‘facts’ would be a good place to start.

        God forgive me for feeding the trolls…………………

  • Ever wonder what the stereotypical idiot looks like? Now you know.

  • .

    Better title is,

    Muppets On The Move.

  • I read that NOAA was leaving out it`s satellite info because it showed no warming. Climate change is being hijacked by the liberal arm of our government. also the snow samples 500 ft. deep in Greenland shows no increase in Co2. Actually it was higher 1,000 years ago when there was no coal,oil or any industry at all. Yes it smells fishy.

  • Great place to meet niave chicks! Who can spell or know how to work the spellcheck.

  • Mark Twain Quote is Right On!

  • We marched for a livable planet, for the dignity of all human beings to have clean air and water, for an end to exploitation of land and people for the profits of corporations. We marched for healthy towns where people can live without the fear of catastrophic wildfire, or without the danger of having their water supply polluted by extractive industries. And yes, we support an international agreement at the COP21 summit to limit global carbon pollution because of the physical limits of the earth (similar to the wildly successful Montreal Protocol to restore the ozone). As for the makeup of the marchers, it ranged from students to grandmothers to working professionals and professors. Among the march were four past and present members of CivicSpark, an AmeriCorps program that puts highly qualified people with relevant college degrees to work in local governments on efforts to prepare for climate change (I am an alum of this program having worked on greenhouse gas inventories and energy efficiency projects out of Eureka). Overall, an informed and diverse group coming together in community to take symbolic action on a common issue of concern.

    • Yeh, but, when will we ever be free to roam the earth without gas masks and asbestos suits? This is getting old. You guys keep taking our money, yet we still live in air so polluted we can’t see our hands in front of our face. Our waters are so poisonous, even the fish have spawned legs and travelled inland. Our forests are so bare the few birds who’ve survived fight over the same perch limb. I have a few crumbs left after each meal, perhaps I shall cut back further and donate more. Oh blessed ones who care more than others, take my money, my resources, my everything, just please, find a way to restore our pristine earth.

      • Shak, you make some good points about the difficulty of reaching a binding international agreement to cap CO2 emissions. After all, a “treaty” coming out of Paris would never be approved by a US Congress which- I’m sure we agree- does a dismal job. Since it sounds like you do care about people and our collective fate, I look forward to working with you on a local level to make our community more energy and food secure in what we know will be an increasingly chaotic world. See you at the next Seed and Plant Exchange!

    • you marched for a globalist take over that is using mind control/media over unsuspecting pawns that have grown up with constructive thinking bred from them through public schools, television, vaccines, and an agenda to shatter the family unit.

      I hope God has mercy on your souls, because if your groupings do attempt to rise- we’ll fly black flags and send you into the next world.

      I pity lost souls like the ones swept up in this crap…..

  • I am embarrassed as I read this. I am hoping the responders on here are in elementary school yet I work with school age children and even they have more wisdom, honor, and respect. For someone to not care about the planet and sit back to type comments that make them feel important is a complete embarrassment. For those that are trying to make a difference, just smile and laugh. Remember these are the people that need help the most. I don’t blame you for your hate and ignorance, it is our fault. We as a people have failed you and all you have is a lonely heart and angry head. You are always welcome to join us. We will respect your journey. We will rejoice in the love of the creator, and you will be there too. We forgive you for going this far and not stepping up and helping. Life is confusing and sometimes it’s just hard to get by much less care about others.

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