[UPDATE Road Clear] 101 Closed North of Willits

A traffic accident about 9:50 p.m has closed both the northbound and southbound lanes of Hwy 101 just north of Willits near Underpass Road. A semi overturned in the roadway and traffic is unable to pass. According to the California Highway Patrol Incident page, no one is injured.

Please avoid the area if possible.

UPDATE 10:18 p.m.: One northbound lane is open. One person in a yellow shirt is directing traffic from both sides through the area. There appears to be fluid leaking from the truck.

UPDATE 10:33 p.m.: The CHP Incident page states that overturned semi is a tractor and flatbed trailer weighing approximately 80,000 pounds. The truck was carrying 50,000 pounds of scrap metal which is now spread on the road.

UPDATE 10:55 p.m.: One way controlled traffic set up. Caltrans has a loader on the way to push the scrap metal off the road.

UPDATE 11:35 p.m.: Both tanks of the semi are being drained before the vehicle is “flipped over,” according to the CHP Incident page.

UPDATE 11/30: Road clear at 3:32 a.m.

UPDATE 11:30 at 7:45 a.m.: KMUD has photos.



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