Another Assault on the Arcata Plaza

scannerScanner traffic indicates a 23-year-old male was assaulted on the Arcata Plaza just before 1:15 a.m. on Saturday. According to the scanner, the assault happened in the area of Sidelines Sports Bar in the 700 block of Ninth Street.

At this point, it sounds like a possible suspect has been detained, and medical crews have been cleared by police officers to treat the victim. The victim reportedly lost consciousness and received facial injuries. We’ll update this post if and when we get more information.

Similarly, the scanner reported another assault on the plaza on Wednesday night.



  • Was it a bar brawl? Need better bouncers? Are the bars not 86ing the obviously impaired? Perhaps a permanent LEO could be stationed at the plaza?

    • I once got groped and then punched twice by an HSU football player at sidelines. His friends had to stop him from beating me more. But since he was friends with the bouncer I was told if I called the cops the bouncer who wasn’t even there when it happened would tell the cops I assaulted the giant football player and he did nothing but defend himself. Yes, 120 lb girls often randomly assault giant football players. Sidelines is full of jocks and idiots. Now I don’t play DD for my friends at bars, they can call a cab, drunks suck!

    • How about 86 Sidelines. That place sucks.

  • Law enforcement needed!!!!!!!!

    • Measure Z started out as a self-imposed tax measure to support and expand Fire and Police services ONLY.
      Back Room Voodoo rendered the distribution of the revenues to ALL the bureaucrats bellying up to the trough.
      As a result, “Z” was spread too thin to serve ANY purpose. Snookered again…
      I am very interested to learn just who made that switcheroo. I believe the answer to that question will tell us much, and hopefully, we may learn how to better control the tails that wag us. af

      • Police do not, in most times, prevent crimes from being committed. They respond to crimes that have already been committed. Even if there were police officers on every block in Arcata crimes would be committed. The myth is police protect the public. Not possible.

        • forboden is 100% correct that it is NOT the responsibility of law inorcement to protect. why that is said on police cars, badgtes, posters etc i have no idea.

          the us supreme court decided it is not the lo’s job to protect the public they serve, but they are to try to stop crime before it occurs and they are to try to solve crime and catch criminals.

          mayhap we, the public at large, should have a contest for those boys in blue…

          for each criminal they apprehend, and have then been judged guilty by a jury (a guilty verdict is in no way an indicator the person found guilty indeed is guilty off that crime) the arresting officer can put a notch on his gun handle.

          if they catch a person on parole/probation breaking laws they get an extra 1/2 notch…not that the person on parole/probation was guilty off the charge(s) that ended up making then a parolee/probationer.

          but, that would mean the lo would catch the criminals in the 1st place. or someone they think IS a criminal. look at the booking reports. so many frequent flyers doing the “Drunk in public” gig. are these chronic alcoholics a threat to our communities?

          they sound like an easy mark for lo to me. easier to pour a drunken sot like jd pitman into the squad car than deal with assholes who constantly break into cars, homes, garages, sporting stores and gun dealerships, punching out people, robbing persons and business with weapons, and those who physically assault us violently in all the horrible ways people and animals can be assaulted.

          protect and serve…ummm…not so much…

          lo, they can be extremely busy. i know as i listen to my scanner too much.

        • What are you hiding julie?
          Everyone knows police presence works just fine to keep crime down in the immediate area.

    • no overtime in that

      If they did that kind of smart scheduling, then they wouldn’t be able to claim later on that they don’t have enough staff, and they couldn’t get the city council to approve more overtime, which would lead to smaller, already budgeted, pay-checks. Plus, this not scheduling someone there plan, might just lead to more “stadium lighting” plaza setups, and that means even more overtime money!
      Whoo hooo!
      Wish I could fail at my job and then get more hours, and then paid time-and-a-half for it.

      • All they would have to do is have the police be present before and after closing hours, pretty simple, all is possible all, but let me guess with your attitude you didn’t get far in life,..

  • In of the month blues,check the marsh.

  • I encourage people in arcata to start asking more questions of there police and city council. The big question being, where is the plaza cop we all pay higher taxes to afford. When I asked I was told he’s on paternity leave. I call bullshit. Maybe he is, but are they saying it was one single man’s job to patrol the plaza 24/7? And because this man had a kid there is now NO officer that can do it? Sounds like bullshit to me. The situation on the plaza is affecting the businesses. No body wants to be harassed by bums and junkies while they are trying to shop or grab a bite to eat. I say its time we start pushing to police to do there job. And be careful who u help out there is a big difference between those homeless that have tried everything and can’t get out of the hole their in, and those who are trying everything to dig themselves in a deeper hole. Do not feed or give money to the low life junkies that plague our community. Helping them is not helping anybody unless your helping get off drugs or alcohol. People need to want to help themselves in order to change. And giving these people money everyday for booze and dope creates more of a problem. I was told by a man that frequents the plaza that the word on the streets is, come to Humboldt they’ll feed ya, let ya camp, and the cops don’t do shit. No wonder we got problems round here.
    That’s my two cents.

    • Your right!!I’m all for more law,look around people wake up,I hear those comments too,my out of town family won’t come here anymore!!they have come here to visit since 18oo’s.from Italy but no more.sad sad

      • This problem cannot be mitigated by more police,it will only get better when enough people get sick and tired of it and actually get involved in THEIR community again. Or when the concept of personal responsibility becomes popular again.

  • Building a Walmart on the plaza is the only answer.

  • are we not men? We are de-vo.

  • You got knocked theFOut!

  • Arcata is really giving eureka a run for the money these days…

  • Assault in Missouri. HSU losing at half time 34 to Zero.

  • Perhaps the McKinley statue is emitting some bad vibes on the area because it will soon be moved. Town should be renamed Arcuta

    • If Russia bombed the area and took out every last Toyota truck driven by a guy with a bill hat with a beard, there would be hope.
      Until something cool like that happens the area will remain in decline.

  • I still think a larger police force,and actually doing your job will in time stop some of these f****** idiots from ruining what’s left of our town.idk just sayin.not cranky just sick of this shit

  • Lets see, 4 bars and a liquor store all in a row on one side of the plaza. And people getting in drunken fights is surprising how??
    Its a college town, lots of fights between students as well as riff-raff.

  • A nice set of shtocks under Mckinley’s statue should do the trick. Yeah! that’sh the ticket.

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