Measure Z Road Work Map

Want to see what roads have been fixed as a result of Measure Z, the 1/2 percent sales tax increase county residents voted for in November of 2014?

Below is an interactive map provided by Humboldt County government that allows you to see what areas have been addressed since Measure Z took affect. Each thicker red line shows where roads have had work done. Click on those lines for more information.



  • What they did on Bull Creek used to be called “routine maintenance”, now “road improvement”. I expect the other stretches are the same.

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      I remember that too. Then for a while during the last Gov’t shutdowns, there was no maintenance at all. I’m curious why the Measure Z funds were being used in a State Park and not any number of roads in Eureka and Fortuna that are full of holes and crumbling pavement.

  • Measure Z started out as a self-imposed tax measure to support and expand Fire and Police services ONLY.
    Back Room Voodoo rendered the distribution of the revenues to ALL the bureaucrats bellying up to the trough.
    As a result, “Z” was spread too thin to serve ANY purpose. Snookered again…
    I am interested in learning just who made that switcheroo. The answer to that question will tell us much, and hopefully, we may learn how to better control the tails that wag us. af

    • The reason funds were shared is because research showed a police tax would not pass in humbodlt county . They spent the majoirty of the funds on prosecutors salaries and raises and promotions in the sheriffs dept .

    • I said it before the election, when they refused (supes) to make it specific, that this would happen. If they had made it for law enforcement & fire we might have a sohum resident deputy. If you have lived here a while you will recall there was a time we had Downey & Swithenbank living here. And fewer zombies

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