Peanut’s Looking for a Good Home; Can You Help?

12249674_995656870477271_2361899852567151978_nPeanut needs a home. For the first five years of his life, he was tied up in a garage but, according to the nice folks at Redwood Pals Rescue, “His caretaker loved and cared about him – a good thing, because he definitely learned how to love people! – but her life circumstances kept her from giving Peanut the kind of life he deserved. Ultimately, she made the best decision for him, even though it hurt her – she let him go to find a better life.”

The volunteers at the animal shelter have been making sure Peanut is ready to go to a good home. He’s been going for long walks and getting exposed to a variety of experiences. “He doesn’t show any food aggression, and has shown every indication so far of being friendly towards other dogs,” writes the folks at Redwood Pals. “We are even told that he was friends with the cats at his former home….He waits to go potty until he’s let out, and never goes in his kennel.”

Do you have the home Peanut is waiting for? According to the shelter folk,

Peanut has been recently neutered, de-wormed, and vaccinated. He has tested heartworm negative and is on heartworm and flea preventative. At 65 pounds, he’s a strong boy, but eager to please. Young children probably wouldn’t be a great match simply due to his size and strength.

We will require an application and small donation to Redwood Pals Rescue at the time an adoption is finalized (we can be flexible on the exact amount).

See more of Peanut and follow his efforts to find a good home here. Or, go to his page at Redwood Pals Rescue.  Contact Redwood Pals Resecue here.



  • Why do pit mixes end up homeless?

    Humboldt needs a Korean deli to pick up the slack.

  • What The f is with that collar . That”s not the way to train a dog .If tha’ts the collars pal rescue uses it should be shut down

    • I thought these collars were bad too, but i have two large breed puppies. They are 110 lbs they use to pull so badly that my back was killing me. After spending 500.00 on a dog trainer, who also was against this collar, it was the best device ever. It really does not hurt them, they learn quick not to pull….They even make plastic tips for softer touch, which i choose. Don’t knock it till you have been there……Love my bog dogs……..

    • Those collars just look menacing. If you have a large breed dog, they are absolutely humane and are excellent training collars. I wouldn’t let my dogs wear them as a normal collar, only to be used while actively training or walking. I own 1 master hunter certified lab now and have owned multiple champions throughout the years. They were all trained with a cinch collar. These are not to be confused with choke collars. Choke collars are worthless and unhealthy collars.

  • If I had more space I’d take em in a heartbeat!!!

  • I would too but I’ve all ready got 2 cats 2 dogs all rescued I hope he gets the best home with lots of luv all animals deserve

  • The love you get from a pet is untouchable,when no one else will listen to you your baby is their,to love you and understand and keep you from loneliness,always waiting for you to come home and then shows you all the love they can.oh ya your best friend!!So I hope someone needs a best friend!!!!

  • Thank u gma same to you nice lady

  • I put my lab own last December he was 12 years old. I miss
    having a big dog, dog and have space, but I have 2 smaller dogs, must get along plus young teens..can’t be aggressive

    • Try contacting them and see if you are a good fit.

    • Peanut spent a weekend with me and my two little dogs (13 and 18 pounds), and he did just fine. The 18 pounder loved him, they were instantly buds, and the little one bossed him around, like she does with everyone. As always, I think the best way to introduce a new dog is to take them all to neutral territory for a walk for their first meet.

  • Argyle so sorry to hear of your loss. I have spent time with this dog and he spent several days with two little dogs with no issues. Please contact them. He is a very sweet dog. Just needs a home to settle into.

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