NY Times Explores North Coast Farm

Christian Eggs stick

Christian Alexandre with some the egg layers that are making his family’s farm grow. [Photo from the Alexandre Family EcoDairy webpage.]

Yesterday,  the Alexandre family, Crescent City chicken farmers and dairy folk, appeared in the New York Times’ article, Putting the Chicken Before the Egg. The piece explores the production of eggs produced by pasture-raised chickens. The author writes,

Alexandre Kids Eggs produces pastured eggs, which on their farm means that the hens live in housing that allows them to spend much of the day in open pasture. While still a minuscule portion of the roughly 75 billion eggs produced in the United States each year, pastured eggs like theirs are one of the fastest-growing category of eggs in America today.

Consumers have grown more aware of the conditions under which many of the nation’s laying hens live, thanks to undercover videos from animal welfare advocates and, more recently, photos of hundreds of thousands of dead birds being tossed out of hangar-size barns after outbreaks of avian flu.

Pastured eggs from hens allowed to roam about help to address some of those concerns about how foods are produced and the impact such systems have on the environment, animal welfare and health and nutrition.

Seeing a local business featured in the New York Times is inspiring. Reading about rotating chickens and dairy cows is fascinating. Take a few minutes and check the story out.



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