Silvery Gray Cat Missing: Keep a Look-out Will You?



Have you seen Smokey? He was last seen on Veterans Day on Sycamore Court in McKinleyville. “It’s unlike him to wander far,” said his owner Alexi Wagner. She says he “looks like a Russian Blue or Chartreux/Tabby mix with, sleek but dense fur, silvery gray with barely visible stripes on his tail and legs.  He is a long skinny cat with very erect over-sized ears and a skinny tail.”

“We are running out of resources,” she writes. “We have flyers all over the neighborhood and strategic places around town. We have ads on various social media. We gone door to door in our neighborhood and continue to do so. We’ve also spoken with numerous people in the adjoining neighborhoods. Some possible sightings but no luck.”

Wagner’s daughter especially misses Smokey. “We adopted him last year for my daughter’s birthday and this year she just wanted her kitty home and didn’t get [her] wish, Wagner wrote. “There is a reward for his return, no questions asked.  Anyone with any information can contact Kai or Alexi at (707) 839-2578.”



  • So sorry your kitty is loose. I had a similar lean grey one that sat up in a redwood tree for days before we noticed. Had to climb the tree with a gym bag to retrieve her. Russian Blue crossed beauty with polydactyl front paws. She was so difficult to see because of the silvery grey color even in the house she seemed to walk into the shadows. Keep up you vigil and searching for Smokey & hope your outcome improves. This really breaks my heart for your daughter.

  • I so hope u find your grey kitty I’ve got a 6 toe cat her name is mooch er kitty she is grey all so good luck finding her but chances are she will find her own way home

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