Humboldt Hills at Night (Don’t Miss This Photo!)


Last night’s moonlit landscape looking down Alderpoint Road about a mile south from the Dyerville Loop turnoff. [Photo by Christina Lombardi]

The sharp pinpricks of the stars, the moon hanging in the velvet blue night, the wavy line of mountains rolling into more mountains on the horizon, a coyote howling across the valley, the quiet occasionally broken by a car or two driving down our curving country roads–This is why we live here.

Photographer’s notes: 
“Had to climb up on this rock and wait for cars to travel by for this one. Because of the long exposure the Moon was over exposed so I took another picture and layered it over the original one to have a cleaner clear shot of the Moon,” writes Christina Lombardi.



  • awesome picture

  • Great photo, good choice on layering the moon. However be careful so that the stars which would been hidden by dark part of moon are cleared, as that was a giveaway.
    Thanks again for the awesome photo!

  • Looks like a great shot, but it is a composite of a few shots isn’t it? The stars would have blurred with that long of an exposure with a single shot. That moon also just doesn’t look right. Still beautiful.

    • Did you read the photographer’s notes?

      • No I didn’t… I also see the slight blur of the stars when I look at the full res pic, but as I said amazingly beautiful.

    • Christina Lombardi

      Do you take pictures of the stars too? I do a lot of astrophotography and with a 24mm lens 25 seconds is a perfect exposure for the stars. Also as it is stated in the “photographers notes” it is two images. No more than two though. One for the scene as is and one to get a better exposed Moon. Hope that helps, feel free to ask questions.

      • Didn’t see the note. 🙂 I haven’t taken many astrophotography pics except a few of the blood moon recently, but I have done a bit of light painting with long exposure and love it. AP road is great for that, or a freeway is nice too. Thanks for posting the shot!

  • Special moment in time and place, beautifully capture.

    “I am going to notice the lights of the earth, the sun and the moon and the stars, the lights of our candles as we march, the lights ….”
    –Anne Lamott

  • Really cool!thanks for sharing

  • i would soooo love to hang that photo in my hallway, thanks for the share!

  • Love the photo 🙂

  • That is a really awesome photo,and yes I did read the foot notes.

  • Christina, your photos are amazing. Beautiful shot.

  • It’s a total Frankenphoto, she makes a lot of these collage photos, yeah it’s pretty but really fake looking. Whatever editing program she uses it must not let her remove defects in overlaying such as the stars over the moon. Her comments don’t seem truthful, which is weird, why be a fraud? It’s still a nice piece of art, just label them as an artistic photo collage to avoid people calling you out.

  • blurredrealityrealityreally

    someone shares something besides a photo of some crackheads and they get this much shi& from armchair photo experts? stop counting pixels and just appreciate a beautiful photo created by someone who wants to share something cool…geez..

  • Christina you have an eye for combining & putting two things together and reaching an interesting, thoughtful and beautiful new outcome. That’s where innovation comes from. Nice job. ePhillips

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