[UPDATE 2 p.m.] Truck Explodes and Burns after Crash on Hwy 36, Says CHP Dispatch

scanner featureA single vehicle has crashed off the road on Hwy 36 around mile marker 19.5, according to scanner traffic and the California Highway Patrol Incident page. First reports from the accident, say that the initial crash was followed by at least two explosions.

CHP dispatch states on the scanner, “The truck has exploded twice…be careful…It may have some volatile explosive stuff in it.”

“Use caution,” urges fire dispatch.

Later, someone on the scanner asks, “Would you contact Fortuna and request a helicopter, please?” This is usually done for serious injuries.

UPDATE 1:50 p.m.: According to the incident commander, the vehicle is 100 feet over the embankment and the driver has “self-extricated.” The commander continues to request that the rest of the emergency vehicles “come in code 3 (with lights and sirens.)…The vehicle is fully engulfed.”

At this point, the helicopter is expected to arrive about 2:30 p.m.

UPDATE 1:53 p.m.: The vehicle has landed into next the river, according to the incident commander. The fire has spread into the wildlands a “small” amount. The ambulance has been cancelled.

UPDATE 1:58 p.m.: A GMC is on it’s roof over a steep embankment, the dispatcher says.

UPDATE 2 p.m.: Start an inmate crew from High Rock, requests the new incident commander. The vehicle is not in the river as originally reported.



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