Today’s Fire Suspected to Be Hash Lab, Says Humboldt Bay Fire

Press release from Humboldt Bay Fire :

Humboldt Bay Fire HBFAt 1617 hours, on 11-19-15, Humboldt Bay Fire Engines 8115, 8113, 8112, Squad 8174, Battalion 8104 and Chief 8100 responded to a structure fire on the 1200 block of Freshwater Road. 911 calls were received describing heavy black smoke coming from the attic.

The first unit to arrive stated smoke was coming from the attic at a single story wood framed residence. An ambulance was requested for a victim that had been inside the structure when the fire started. Multiple crews were assigned to the interior where they found a well-established fire in a large attic space. An additional engine was requested to the scene and a second alarm was struck to staff HBF stations Arcata fire and Loleta fire both send engines to assist. Three victims were located and two were transported by ambulance to a local hospital. The fire was extinguished after 30 minutes and crews remained on scene for 3 hours making sure the fire was completely out. Humboldt County Sheriff responded to investigate a suspected hash oil extraction operation. California Highway Patrol responded to provide traffic control. One fire fighter suffered minor injuries from a fall from a ladder. The firefighter was transported to a local hospital, treated and released.

Damage estimate is $30,000.

18 firefighters responded.

The cause and origin investigation will be conducted in the morning.

Humboldt Bay Fire reminds all residents to ensure they have working smoke detectors in the living and sleeping areas of their houses and to have a fire exit plan.



  • Does anyone know if these people are found guilty of basically setting themselves on fire with a hash lab, do they have to pay any fines for public services rendered? 18 firefighters adds up pretty fast.

  • I hate to say this because more Government should never be the answer to a problem which stems from a Community problem. The County need to step up and write an ordinance to stop sales of Butane or similar product which assists in the making of a hash lab. I’m pretty sure this problem is not unique to Humboldt County so maybe the State or Feds need to step in and do something. The Hash lab that exploded on Sunday involved my family and I know exactly how they have been affected by this problem. People we need to do something right now so other innocent families like mine and yours don’t have to go through something like this. It’s all about greed which is never a good thing.

  • We cannot out law everything that is dangerous, there would be nothing left! What we can do is start using the laws that are all ready in place to punish these dumb asses to the full extent possible. Stop letting repeat offenders and people that put other lives at risk go with just a slap on the wrist.

  • if convicted of the actual crime of producing controlled substances the penalties are pretty heavy. If they plea out its more likely this rogue chemist will see little punishment outside some bad burns

  • Missemeraldtriangle

    These guys are my neighbors kids. This wasn’t some big time people just some dumb kids. They probably have already suffered enough

    • That’s generally the case. The cops these days seem to through the book at kids just doing stupid kid shit and then let the illegal immigrants with five pounds of smack go. But they really could have heart themselves and others I hope their parents become more engaged in their childrens activities from now on.

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