Most Wanted in SoHum: Female Version




  • Omg I went to school with emerald. Wow she has definitely changed and not for the better!

  • damn, a former lover makes the wall of shame…
    but its just drugs, she shouldn’t be up there, KYM!

    i know, you’re an equal opportunity shamer,
    newswoman to the end…

  • Kym did not create this list…informing and sharing what the sheriff’s release is valid and necessary news. Censoring due to personal preference is not true reporting. Don’t shoot the messenger because you don’t agree with the message

  • should be a VIEWER WARNING ” may be harmful to your health ”
    at top of this story
    first looked at lunch , or during what was supposed to be lunch

  • Take substance abuse out of the equation and you have none of these potentally good people on the list. Right?

    • Right. But how to take it out? I’ve lost two old friends to this epidemic. It just wrenches my heart. What to do, what to do…. Ideas?

      • How about economic opportunities for those that didn’t get here first and steal the land from natives? They raped the forest and the oceans and now they are our landlords.

  • Sarah I hope you are safe and sound I’m praying for you you’re in my thoughts and I hope to see you soon

  • Gretchen born 1977. I was born in 1947 and I swear I look fifteen years younger. I know I look 60 years younger than Rose.

  • I grew up with a few of these women. Fact is, they are on here because of poor life decisions and bad judgement. It’s not Kyms fault or the sheriff… these people are on this because of themselves sad but true.

  • With the possible exception of Emerald, I’d be terrified to run into any of these women when I was alone. Especially Rose Marie. Their parents must be proud.

  • Hillmuffin…. I wouldn’t be proud that one of those women are a former lover! Taking a wild guess but does your first name start with a J? Hahaha

  • this looks like a warning poster against meth

  • Heidi resembles the zoo employee on the movie 50 first dates.
    If messing up your own life puts you on Most wanted list the system needs to change before they start posting the overweight and high school drop outs.

  • Okay, if someone can tell me one good reason to feature these unfortunate women here then I’ll shut up; I can’t think of any except that its ghoulishly entertaining to look at these works of human anti-art, and be glad that it’s not us, or our family.
    You see, my children, in the recent old days newspapers and magazines didn’t want to waste paper publishing this kind of porn, but plenty of cheap room here, right? (And gotta keep up with Loco) If my good friend Kym wants to sell her soul (sorry, a bit of troll-flavored hyperbole there) for a few clicks, a few cents I can’t really object to someone trying to carve out a legal niche, make a job out of nothing but inspiration and hard work.
    Yeah give one good reason, and the public’s right to know is a bullshit answer, give me something specific. (Yup, that’s what I thought.) Right now there is a big ugly divorce case going on in court between two very prominent SoHum citizens—why don’t you publish that dirty laundry Kym? Its all public record and I’m sure people would ghoulishly click on that too, lap it up, right? It might take a little more work to get the divorce transcripts, this stupid most wanted list is handed over from the cops and dutifully published by their handmaiden. Maybe its a class thing: these are poor, disadvantaged people and now they are being held up to ridicule. Would you publish the grimy details about the rich peoples’ divorce? Or do the privileged need to be protected?
    Do you know why we DON’T publish about that divorce, for example? Because of a sense of decency…

    (Oh shit! There goes one now, outside this cafe…Hang on…Got her! Tackled her, and I guess she banged her head on the pavement, oh well, someone call the cops.)

    • Reasons to post most wanted photos:
      1. A news site’s job is to report news–information of interest to their readers.
      2. A news site’s job is not to suppress information. If we don’t like the laws that make a crime illegal, then let’s change the law instead of pretending somehow that if we don’t see the suspects’ photos, then we’re not responsible.
      3. If someone is wanted by law enforcement, usually though not always it is in the interest of society to make sure they have their day in court.
      4. Showing wanted people’s photos helps makes sure that the actual person wanted is identified not someone else.

      Those are the ones off the top of my head.

    • Hillmuffin, your just ignorant and ranting. If you had any clue about the danger people that use hard drugs are in, they can die or be killed with a lot of the people they hang out with. There are some dangerous people out and about, Wake Up!
      Just the fact that there is a higher chance of catching them means theres a higher chance of saving these people’s lives. Wether it be treatment after jail or whatever. So just please think before you post your comment. Or wait maybe you did? Lol

    • I think that’s your “one good reason” and it’s pretty specific so, yea.

      Who the f cares about a divorce case? Lol

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