Watch Out for This Identity Theft Scam

Press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office:

mcsoOn 11-17-2015 at 2:00 PM the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office learned of an Identity Theft related scam that is currently being perpetrated in Mendocino County, California.

Beginning a few days ago there has been an automated recording (unlisted or 001 listed in caller ID) that people in the community have been receiving from the “Savings Bank of Mendocino County” indicating the person’s “MasterCard” has been blocked.

The person is prompted to provide personal identifying information, such as card PIN number and social security number, to get the card reactivated.

This has been determined to be an Identity Theft scam and the Savings Bank of Mendocino County has issued the following statement:

“Be Aware of Fraudulent Automated Phone Calls

If you receive an automated phone call that conveys it is from Savings Bank, it is fraudulent.  DO NOT provide requested information.  The bank DOES NOT make automated phone calls and WILL NOT call customers to activate their debit cards or to ask for account or card information.

The Bank will call customers if there is unusual activity and it is suspected to be fraud.  In this case, the calls are made in person, not automated.”

Anyone who receives any suspicious call(s) of a similar nature should always consult with their financial institution or local law enforcement agency prior to engaging in the requested activity.

Anyone with information that might help to identity the person(s) responsible for this Identity Theft scam is urged to call the Sheriff’s Office tip-line at 707-234-2100.



  • I got 5 of these calls, and traced them to Bermuda. I called “my” Sheriff to report them, and was told to call the FBI… Sure. But I did, and after 8 minutes of holding, was told to call “my” Sheriff. Right…
    My concern is for any Elders getting these calls, which are compelling. Law enforcement, apparently, has no way to alert people that these calls are bogus; and that connecting to them can do terrible harm.
    So it’s on us to tell our neighbors that by simply responding to these calls can complete the loop and put them at risk of losing their savings.
    The number calling me is 441-143-072482. (I know there’s too many digits for a US phone.) Tell anyone you think may be at risk to NOT PICK UP.

  • AF, thank you for caring!

  • I’ve received several spam calls in the past month. 1-866-245-3647. 1-284-541-5303. This one 317-300-7925 is with a callback number of 707-223-9464 which is connected to 2 women in southern Humboldt , one living on Mahan rd. and the other living in Garberville. I found them on Facebook. You can google suspicious numbers and text addresses and track them down. There are lists of phone numbers and text addresses.

    • There is such a thing known as “spoofing”, which means fraudulent callers can use honest people’s numbers to mask the real number they are calling from… Especially to make it appear they are calling from a local number. My personal landline had been “spoofed” and I had received a plethora of call backs from people wondering how I was going to help them save money on their electric bills! Keep in mind, that these “Local women” you tracked down through the Internet may not be frauds, and that their numbers may have been used as I have described above. The best thing you can do is report to local authorities, report on numerous websites such as 1800 notes, and report to the FTC. The more complaints that are on file with any of these agencies, the better the word will get out. (Peronally, if I have time I like to mess with these kinds of callers and ask them questions so I can bust them on the spot, especially if it’s not an automated call.)

      I, too, had received the automated call from 001 stating my visa had been locked and simply hung up!

      Spread the word to friends, loved ones, and neighbors, especially the elderly, that these kinds of calls are fraudulent, and when in doubt to call your banking or credit institutions to double check before giving out personal information.

  • My mom is one of those older folks that fall for it.ive gotten her out out of so much crap,this people I told her,the bank don’t call you because your card is blocked.and haven’t used her card,and how the hell they know she has a card or which bank,and DON’T GIVE ANY NUMBERS TO ANYONE.their fishing.

  • Carmen? Is that you?

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