Two Eureka Schools Locked Down Temporarily Because of Man With a Machete

Eureka City Schools

Eureka City Schools [Photo by Oliver Cory]

About 3:15 p.m. Eureka Police received a call that a man with a machete was in the student parking lot near the Eureka Adult School.

“A teacher called it in and said he saw him walking with it,” stated Brittany Powell, EPD spokesperson. Officers requested that everyone at the Eureka Adult School stay inside while they investigated, said Powell.

Eureka High School locked down, also.

The man was not being aggressive with the weapon. “When officers arrived on scene, he was in a vehicle,” said Powell. ‘He didn’t make any threats but didn’t offer any reason why he had it in his possession on a school campus,” she said.

Wayne Graham, age 57, of Eureka was taken into custody at 3:33 p.m. He is being charged with possession of a weapon on campus.



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