[UPDATE 11:35 a.m.] Deputies Searching for Suspects in Armed Robbery Which Occurred On Friday Ridge Road

scannerAn armed robbery occurred on Friday Ridge Road near Willow Creek around 8 a.m., confirmed Sgt. Brian Taylor of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. He said deputies are currently working on the case.

“There are multiple victims,” Taylor explained and so far his officers have only been able to interview one of them so details are sketchy.

At this point, Taylor said, deputies are searching for two to four suspects armed with black shotguns and black handguns. Some of the suspects are believed to have fled in a vehicle taken from the victims. A countywide BoLO (Be On The Lookout) has been sent to law enforcement. At this point, the Sheriff’s Department is not ready to release the description to the public as they are still gathering information.

UPDATE 11:35 a.m.: Further information has been released on the scanner. The incident occurred approximately nine miles up Friday Ridge Road. The suspects invaded a trailer in the area requesting money, gas and keys. They are described as being three males and one female. They were possibly Hispanic and spoke Spanish to each other during the incident. An unknown amount of cash as well as the vehicle was taken, according to the scanner information. The suspects fled in an unknown direction of travel.



  • yikes, wish if they are putting a BoLo
    out for law enforcement that the public could also be alerted to the vehicle description so they could call and or avoid if see it . That sounds like a lot of gun power in one vehicle. scary

  • Car taken was 2004 Lincoln LS black with tinted windows & INDIANA plates. Subjects are hispanic males, armed & dangerous

  • Wholly shit!!I guess we need to put bars on all windows,doors geeze.sounds like there’s alot more to the story!!!

  • Sounds like our borders are to open, We need a fence, vote Trump

    • Trump’s a chump!

    • Fence? Fence? You think we need a fence? We need a moat. A long, deep moat full of many killer, Killer Whales-with-a-taste-for-human-flesh patrolling it constantly. And then some bridges with border patrol and legal immigration offices, of course. But God’s creatures are (even these tormented ones of captivity with a taste for human flesh) susceptible to his influence and will- must- allow the scant few innocent to pass.

      Why does Trump push a wall when what we need is a moat patrolled by the daughters and sons of Shamu? Because he’s all about the facade, not the substance. Have you ever seen one of his hotels or casinos? It’s all glitter in the lobby, but dingy in the hallway.

      So I’m positive we don’t need a fence, but that instead we need a moat. But I don’t know who to vote for now. Trump won’t dig our moat. Who will dig a Blackfish-infested moat?

  • lock your gates and doors load the guns and keep the dogs close the new reality of living off grid

  • Layla Strnad and friends?

    • That is what I thought too. It seems like a big coincidence for there to be 2 females traveling with that number of males doing armed home invasion robberies. But if it was her then the victims either don’t know her name or they don’t know she’s wanted for attempted murder.

      • If they’re up there off the grid, not hard to believe they wouldn’t’ve heard about it. Not hard to believe that Strnad would be speaking Spanish either, if she grew up here. There are more cows than people here, and more Hispanic people than other races, and everyone goes to school with everyone else… mostly.

        We all know where they’d be heading with these charges, and we all know where they’d be going to stock up on enough cash for the trip, and where it’s least likely they’ll be stopped before they can confuse matters seriously enough to pull it off.

  • With all the big pot grows in the hills, I’m surprised I don’t read about this a lot more. AND, a license plate posted here would be helpful for anyone who sees that vehicle.

  • Sorry if this sounds like blaming the victims but here’s what I know: There are some very loose yet large operations up there on Friday Ridge Rd. Just check Google Maps if you don’t believe me. I know of 2 sloppy properties back about 9 miles and have heard the neighbors aren’t much tighter. Minimal to zero security, leaving gates open or not even a gate!, known to be vey casual, unarmed, pacifists with no screening of guests and random visitors to party…It’s a recipe for exactly this kind of a thing. The sheriff could remove these dangers if he just did his job and took out these very obvious over-sized grows. But he doesn’t and they won’t tighten up and I’m sorry but I can’t really sympathize! Lesson? If you have a scene, keep it tight. Duh. This stuff isn’t as random as you might think.

  • i had a hard time finding any sort of operation on that road via google maps. definitely no big ones. but i dont doubt they are there. just couldnt see a damn one. surprising people would be so welcoming if they were growing that much.

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  • Bonnie & Clyde and his other brother Clyde

  • There are more reasons why people live off the grid,we have no bank because we were sick of all the fees and it cost money to put your money in a bank wtf?we have no credit cards to high interest rates,and if you have a business acct.they charge you to count the money.they tell me we live off the grid because we have no bank or credit cards.NO home phone no Internet.

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