[FOUND!] Missing Dog Near Phillipsville

11049499_10156179806735487_4469654906409770979_nUPDATE: FOUND! And in such an odd way….The owner says that not long after this post was published, a white Explorer pulled up in front of her house and dropped off her dog. Then the driver sped off without even saying anything….

Original post:Tara Sutherland has lost her dog Sonny from the Phillipsville area. The dog, a  eight-year-old, male rottweiler, shown in the photo left went missing yesterday.

He is not fixed. Sutherland says, “He is super friendly. He smiles so don’t be scared if he is showing his teeth because he is not aggressive at all!!”

Reward if returned home.

If you have any information, please call Sutherland at (707) 223-3961 or email  her at Tsutherland1989@yahoo.com.


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