Watch as Thief Steals Items From Fortuna Barn, Including Gift Made 50 Years Ago by Owner’s Grandfather

The individual robbing the barn of Fortuna resident and local nurse Patty Hurlbutt took items that will cost her a chunk of money to replace but also he stole her sense of safety and a gift made for her by her grandfather.

She wrote us that security cameras captured the thief taking multiple items. “My feeding carts. My medicine/emergency kit…for my sheep. A jigsaw. A shovel, he forgot the pitchfork. A compressor. Toolbox of sockets, allen wrenches, etc.” What he also took was a “gambrel* my grandfather made for me about 50 years ago.”

The video above shows the thief robbing the barn. Cobwebs obscure the cameras in some spots.

Hurlbutt’s animals use the barn so locking it isn’t an option. “My barn is a working barn. My sheep come in and out to eat and get out of the weather. I don’t know how I am going to keep thieves out,” she worried.

If anyone has any information about the crime, please contact the Fortuna Police Department at (707) 725-7550.


Gambrel is a device for hanging animal carcasses.



  • Hope this guy gets what he’s got commin. Rip offs take more than stuff, they destroy piece of mind. Maybe hang him on the gambrel, piniata style. I guess stocks on main st. is more appropriate.

  • Look for some dumb ass that wears t shirts that are way too long and boots. It has to be someone that frequents the area. Maybe they walk past there or sleep in the woods near there. Also, is that a beard? When you find them don’t forget to use the gambrel! Maybe try looking in the junk store across from Ace hardware in those dumpy apartments. They buy stuff from people.

  • Might I recommend a sheepdog for security purposes.
    Sorry for your loss.

  • You feel so afraid to stay there or even go daughters house was robbed my mom’s and our trucks stuff inside and out and the damn truck too.People work hard for their life’s and what they own,these assholes no nothing about hard leaves you feeling hopeless.and the cops can’t do crap.sad .I’m sorry this has happened to you patty


    catchem, and hang the meatbag…nothin worse than a thief that steals tools from someone workin . no excuses!!!

  • I agree with the earlier posts-but, hey, y’all; Lets go ‘Deliverance’ on this asshat… cain’t we cut off a hand or two a-fore’n stringing ’em up? Just to prove a point? Isn’t that the public deterrence for a common thief?

  • This might sound harsh….but I will be very happy to hear about a thief being shot in the act. If called to jury I would never convict anybody for shooting a thief out of their own perception of safety. I’d be happy if we started shooting more thieves and nearly everybody I know feels the same way. Or at least beating them up before the cops arrive. Like most people in this county I have had my home burglarized. It changes your feelings of security and safety for many years to come. We should not be allowing thieves to destroy our peace in our homes by granting them misplaced compassion. Shoot them or beat them. I’m not saying kill them outright. But I honestly don’t care if they survive.

  • Is he loading stuff in a car? Where in Fortuna?

  • so sorry we have skumbags like this ugh! try the pawn shops he might have gotten rid of them there

    • He is probably needing drug money and I would suggest looking on Craigslist in addition to the pawn shops. Good luck! I’m so sorry this happened to you!

  • Fairly obvious it was someone who knew about the security cameras and was definitely not in any hurry. Probably a relative or someone who’s worked on her property.

  • What a piece of sh**. I hope the video gets around town and someone can ID this thief. Best of luck to the owner. Cameras are great – now get some motion activated noise makers.

  • That’s sad. I hope it’s recovered somehow. She really needs a livestock guardian dog. A Great Pyrenees or 2 would keep all predators, human or not, away from her property.

  • Tamara McCullough

    I agree with the previous comments. I was going to say something similar, and I’m glad to see I’m in good company. I HATE filthy low-life punk-ass thieves. I don’t care what people do, as long as they aren’t hurting someone. These shit-for-brains don’t care WHO they hurt. They really couldn’t care less! What kind of person is that? When are we gonna get security cameras that shoot orange dye at everything that moves? 😉

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