[UPDATE 12:05 a.m.] Have Dope, Will Travel…?

12231426_1244823875544016_453070328_nStarting at approximately 7 p.m. this evening, law enforcement had a U-Haul stopped at a gas station in Garberville. According to local resident Shawn Crawley who provided all the photos except the first three, the van contained “weed hanging on wires or string all the way to the back.”

The California Highway Patrol and the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department were on the scene. However, the CHP dispatch said the Sheriff’s Office was in charge. The Sheriff’s Office confirmed that they had deputies “on a traffic stop” but could not provide further information at this time.

Crawley said the van was pulled over because of a traffic infraction. Then one of the passengers attempted to flee because he had a felony. Because of that, Crawley said, law enforcement searched the van.

At this point, the facts in this breaking story are still unclear and we will be attempting to get you the complete story as soon as possible.


Jason Rice

UPDATE 10:15 p.m.: Sgt. Jesse Taylor of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office wrote us that more details would be released tomorrow. However, he did write, “This was a sheriff’s office traffic stop, not CHP.  One of the arrestees is Jason Rice, who is / was on the Most Wanted Poster.  This was a pretty significant bust and there will be a press release issued ASAP in the AM.  Thanks for reporting!”

UPDATE 12:05 a.m.: According to Sgt. Sam Williams of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, around 7 p.m. a deputy saw the U-Haul van on the main street of Garberville. “It didn’t have its lights on and was driving in the wrong lane,” said Williams. The deputy pulled the van over.

After the traffic stop, as the deputy was walking up on the driver’s side a passenger left the vehicle and went into a nearby business. “When he came out of the store, he put his hoodie up and was trying to walk away,” explained Williams. Deputies interviewed the man, Jason Rice, and he was determined to be wanted and was taken into custody.

According to Williams, “There were three males in the truck when we stopped it.” Rice was one passenger. The second passenger also had a warrant out for his arrest. “While we were taking care of it, we were by the rear of the van,” Williams explained. “We smelled the odor of fresh cut marijuana. The closer you got to the door, the more you could smell it. Because of the type of vehicle, we can search it based on the odor.”

The driver claimed he did not have a key for the storage area of the van. “He claimed he was hauling furniture,” Williams said. “He picked it up at an unknown location and was delivering it to an unknown location…,” he said dryly.

The lock on the storage area was then broken. Deputies located “scales, manufacturing equipment for a hash lab,…dehumidifiers, extension cords and five gallon buckets and bags and drills,” said Williams. “A bunch of miscellaneous things. It looks like they packed up a whole grow and split.”

The driver was arrested for sales and for transportation as well as several other related charges. Jason Rice was arrested also. The second passenger was released with a citation for his warrant.


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  • It’s was easy to smell that U-haul, how could you possibly hide that…..that’s a classic epic fail

  • I heard the whole town was showing up to see the show.
    You know something looks wrong here. As in purloined product.
    But who knows.

  • Bet they ripped someone off..

  • Not the brightest crayon in the box…

  • but kind of a doable scheme:
    rip it off, then dry it…somewhere…
    okay, THERE…

    or gorilla grow solution i spoze…

  • Umm..yeah…I’ve seen people use these for drying weed before….But they PARK them! Not drive them down the road!!

  • My question is… Cops said passenger ran due to warrants, so then decided to search truck. Wouldnt the fact hes one of SoHums most wanted be reason enough to search vehicle?

  • Just Another Year

    Pretty standard issue. A lot of these growers are too pampered to sit on the hill were it was grown to trim it. They need the amenities of town life. In the spring the moving trucks and trailers are full of live plants. In the fall they are full of harvested plants. I see it all the time. Just the other day a u-haul with a hippy chick driving , had 3 cars tailing her. They were all together by the way they looked, not only physical appearance, but they had that “sketched” out look as well.

  • What? Me Worry?

  • W exception of rice I would say this looks like a grow that had to be moved. Who rips off the grow and takes all the hash lab shit too. Maybe they had a lot of time to do the rip but I would think u grab the bud and get on it.
    Once in college my friend had the landlord knock and want to come in. He gave the 48hr requirement and began a rapid effort to move a grow. U haul was a big help on that one. We parked the truck one door down till the property inspection was over and brought it back. This looks like that type of deal w exception of a know . crook and drills and shit.
    Karma strikes again

  • If I’ve said it once I’ve said it twice,IF you don’t want to get caught BE LEGAL,every part of your rig needs to be perfect and work.and you have to follow the laws duh!!!if you stick out your going down.So dumb.lmfao

    • Anyone who laughs their fucking ass off at someone going to jail for a crime that shouldn’t be a crime in the first place has probably never spent a day in jail. No one should ever have to spend a second in jail for simply possessing marijuana. Incarceration is supposed to be for criminals who pose a threat to the public, such as people who randomly attack another human with a stick, people who shoot at occupied residences, or anyone committing any act of violence towards another human or animal, etc. etc.

      • You are right.

      • Ok so ripping someone off isn’t a crime.And I’m not stupid enough not to have my vehicle licensed and working everything oh ya and speeding with no lights on and a sleezy set up in the back of a uhaul.Oh ya,I’ve never been to jail because I follow the law!!!people pull this crap here they think they can get away it’s to easy here.come on man

      • True about jail, but you do need to be a little smarter about your doings. Come on, wrong side of road, no lights on at dark, truck full of weed and hash lab, it’s not rocket science.

  • Former So Hum resident

    I noticed ray gay on the river pulls in alot of strange characters. Some leave and go home some end up in Eureka in the homeless population and a few never leave.

  • Not sure but stuff hanging looked kinda dark like it had been hanging there for awhile. Amateurs, shify, or both?

  • I heard this on the scanner & could tell immediately what was about to happen. To be in downtown G’ville in a U-HAUL is not smart unless you ARE moving furniture. But really, this should not be a crime.

    • These people definitely weren’t the “sharpest tools in the shed”. Considering how it’s completely dark at 7pm, they should have had the lights on. Maybe then they would have driven in the correct lane.

      • Once drove 80 blocks in NYC at night with my lights off. Had a cop driving 40 of those blocks right next to me and he didn’t do shit!

  • Wasn’t Jason Rice caught trying to rip off a grow out by Blocksburg last year? His buddy was held at gunpoint till the cops came but Jason ran away. Was seen walking towards Bridgeville after dark. Cops didn’t have the manpower to go back out there to get him. My guess is that this is ripped off weed.

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  • They probably stole it all. Robbed somebody’s place or several places. Typical. Are they from Weitchpec?

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