Violent Assault Saturday May Have Been Locals Attacking a Transient, Says Sheriff’s Office

HCSOAn assault Saturday near Redway may have been part of simmering tensions between local residents and the homeless, according to Sgt. Jesse Taylor of Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. About 7:37 p.m., the Sheriff’s Office were notified that there had been a violent assault in a homeless camp near West Coast Road in Redway.

The victim told Sheriff’s deputies that two men had approached him telling him to put out his fire. He told them he had been informed that he was on public property and, according to Taylor, “declined.” The two men informed the victim that they “patrol” the area and, according to the victim, the two men threatened him. One pulled out a machete and the other a revolver.

According to Taylor, the victim said he pulled out his small pocket knife but realizing that he was “outgunned,” he had “rushed the guy with the machete.” During the scuffle the victim and the man with the machete hit the ground. A round was fired from the revolver but the victim was unsure whether it was fired into the air or elsewhere. The victim fled after receiving lacerations to his head.

The Sheriff’s Department is now locking for the two suspects. According to Taylor, the man with the machete was in his mid-twenties, 6 foot, and approximately 180 pounds with short, brown hair and a full beard. The man with the revolver was in his early to mid twenties, 5’6″ to 5′ 8″ weighing approximately 170 to 180 pounds with short blond hair but no beard or mustache. The revolver was described as being large and black with a four to six inch barrel.



  • A person was reported deceased on the Avenue north of P’ville this morning. Any word on that?

  • Reading about this incident, this came to mind…

  • Let’s call it what it is. A Hate crime! Whether or not this person was on public or private land with permission or not. A local with a place to live, going out of there way with weapons, looking for someone who fits the bill as “transient” with the intent of threatening or carrying out a violent crime is indeed a Hate crime.

    • You arrived at the conclusion that this should be called a hate crime with what little and unconfirmed information you read in a blog. Doesn’t any questions come to mind? You aren’t really interested in knowing if this incident is true or made up? I would like to know if the Sheriff’s Office did a investigation into if any one else heard this shot. This is a fairly populated area so some one should of heard the shot. What type of lacerations were inflicted and by what? And if these “locals” patrol the area they must have been seen or at least encountered other “campers”. There is just too little information.

      The “victim” couldn’t have been too scared of the two “locals” if they pulled out a machette and a gun, so he pulls out a little pocket knife. Then rather than retreat and report the crime; he “rushes” the man with the machette while the other man stands by with a gun. I think maybe you should do a little research before crying hate crimes…hasn’t any of the national news taugh you anything about throwing gas on the fire?

      • Couldn’t agree more ‘really’ ……. I am against any violence, And I know majority of the locals are too. I feel that with the movement that has been happening with the ‘locals’ trying to clean up and make it a safe place FOR EVERYONE (homeless or not), some “homeless/transients” might not like the idea of it, and be offended by it so they want to sabotage it at any cost. On the other hand, this could be the doing of some not so nice people saying they are apart of a good thing and making it a bad thing. Either way. No one knows the full story yet. I know that the ‘locals’ that ARE out “patrolling” do not use force/violence while doing so.. This is such a tender subject. In my opinion, what we are all trying to do is live together peacefully, and have a safe town for all.

      • Agree with you so hum lady more investigation needed on this one .

    • Very well put.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      I hate the idea of “hate crimes.” This is assault, attempted battery or whatever or it is not. I don’t like the idea of a DNA or other test to determine ethnicity or religion or anything. It’s a violent crime or it is not. If I get beat up by somebody, it’s not nicer if we are all caucasian. It’s always hate.

    • Or they carried the weapons out of self defense because every homeless around Garberville is armed with at least a knife this guy rushed the patrol people so he is the one guilty of assault. I had a similar situation with a flamboyant gay man who called my wife a b$##ch I put my hand on his shoulder and said to watch his mouth he stabbed his finger into my eye at which point I defended myself with a judo hip throw followed by an arm bar. He then attempted to bite me. So I hip threw him to the concrete. He pressed charges but the police watch a video of it he clearly attacked me and continued to do so even after being restrained self defense is not illegal.

      • I would guess that is unlikely that the Locals on Patrol are armed machetes are revolvers while making their rounds. Everything else is very credible.

  • I was houseless for a while, in a major city. Imagine having NO safe space to call your own. I mean I’ve travelled and thats different, extended couch surfing, van living, all way different. I mean to have NO place where you are safe. It’s a VERY scary life.

    To my mind there is no one weaker than those that prey on the homeless. i know lot here are and so by choice, a choice i can’t imagine making, but still, they have NO place to call their own. NO safe space. As evidenced by these ‘proud’ locals (PRIDE is about something you DID, not what PUSSY you happened to fall out of and where, its also a shitty emotion, PRIDE. comes before a fall, or so they’ve said for many a generation.) To attack someone, on the little spot on the globe they hoped to bed down for the night, is about as weak as it gets. You can’t find someone more defenseless to attack aside from a 5 year old. Morally bankrupt.

    I’ve already seen Police Academy Part 4 aka “Citizens on Patrol”, I don’t want to live it in OUR town… unless i get to be Mahoney….!

    • Well just being homeless and poor with a struggle to fix things is a lot different then leaving your home and coming here to live on our streets and disrespect our community for a job you may not get. The citizens on patrol are not here to hurt or harm them in anyway, they are just there to give them a friendly reminder that other people live here too, and how dangerous what they are trying to do in the industry can actually be.

  • I heard the shot! I was out side smoking.

  • I call BS.
    This sounds like a cute story brewed up from the Advocacy crowd who are habitual liars.
    (Bum falls down drunk and bumps his head, advocacy freaks feed him this story to regurgitate back to the media)
    Failed attempt to convince the public that bums are good and locals are bad.
    Keep this crap up K-Mud and we’ll cut your funding.

  • Carnac was a "mystic from the East"

    He also blamed it on the video.

  • I’m sure Debra Carey is out spreading fear among all house less people right now. She likes to tell them to stay in town where they are “safe” in plain view. She just continues to instigate more tension instead of working with locals to solve a problem. Debra, you should just take them all home with you and give them a place to stay, problem solved. Oh right, you don’t want these people at your house.

  • I’m confused. Do the transient advocates give a wink and a nod to trespassing and trashing of other people’s property? Do they tell them that trespassing and trashing isn’t right and they need to move on, the town can’t sustain them? Does Debra Carey join in on the weekly clean ups of disgusting trash generated by transients?

  • Where’s this public property in redway? The two that did this should’ve gotten permission from the real property owner to remove any vagrants from the said property. Then the vagrant would be in jail after his hospital visit. As far as I know it is legal to possess a weapon on private property.

  • Who owns the property north of Redway towards Dean creek in the redwoods that a lot of camps are located on? Is it private or owned by the state?

  • The two men who got in a fight with the vagrant man were out of line, I would not call it a hate crime as they did not know the person, they were trying to police the town they live in, just like you would protect your own yard, they just see a bigger picture. They are trying to help the community, maybe not correctly but with good intentions,
    The real hate is the vagrant who trashes the town, of course it does not rise to the level of assault, but it is a slow burn,a cancer that eats slowly on the host, Over time if left unchecked ,these poor unfortunates would have this place torn up beyond recognition, or full on ” FUBAR “. I say we need to be more proactive.

  • The word “patrol” is in quotation marks because it is the word the victim used when he described what the two men said they were doing. I wanted to make it clear that was his choice of words not mine.

  • This was not Locals on Patrol. It seems like quite a few people are linking our group with this, because of the word “patrol” in the story. We only go out if we have 4 or more people, we wear green vests that are clearly marked. We also do not carry guns or machetes. We are not aggressive to any of the homeless people.

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