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A California cannabis startup attempted to market a particular strain of marijuana in 2010. [Photo taken by Kym Kemp]

An article in yesterday’s Washington Post looks at microbreweries and makes a comparison to small marijuana businesses just getting a toehold in Oregon. In order to make the market as supportive as possible of small businesses, the author points out that the government has created some rules to protect them. He writes,

In the early days of Oregon’s legal marijuana industry, state officials are already taking steps to keep any big guys out of the game. They have proposedlimits on the size of growing operations, along with mandating that they be majority-owned by Oregon residents — a move widely expected to limit outside investment in the industry. They’ve also approved annual licensing fees, from $4,000 to $6,000, for growers and retail vendors.

The secret to success, the author says, may be artisanal differentiation–small businesses creating and promoting unique strains. The author concludes by saying, “In other words, consumers don’t want a Miller High Life of marijuana. They want the equivalent of a fresh-hop IPA.”



  • License’s have to renewed every year. People will need a grub stake to begin. Water board still has to chime in. Medical dispensaries can’t sell rec. Comments on the Oregon live article are interesting.

  • that’s pretty schizophrenic, to say they have tried to keep big companies out yet require smaller growers and retail outlets thousands a year for a license.

    However, I hear cigarette companies will loan that to you….so we’ll get several sets of books, creepy partnerships, blackmail, enforcement issues….sounds not great and so familiar.

  • I have a feeling Oregon may be helping the small grower. By the time California state the water fish and game and all the county fees we have to pay the 6 grand might be cheaper We will see
    — but I do like keeping the residence only policy.

  • I love toe holds. Have you seen this setup?


  • What they’ve done is excluded anyone who is not part of the landed gentry. Anyone can brew their own beer for their own recreational use. If your grandma wants to grow a plant or two next to her tomatoes, shes out of luck unless she owns a good amount of property outside the city.

  • 6k is nothing. The landlords gouge, the city gouges too. Everyone wants a piece of the pie. My dispensary grossed over 1.2m in the first 9mos of business. We currently avg 210000 per month 6k aint shit when the register Chimes like it does. Americans love the MJ.

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