“Hurry Up!” Horn Honking Hound Raises Hackles, Hassles Humans

Remember how you felt when your mom was in the store for what felt like hours…?

(Pssst, turn down your sound.)



  • My dog does that occasionally. But, she’s not as obnoxious. She doesn’t stand on it.

  • A friend of mine uses a pillow to sit on in her truck. When she leaves her dog inside it, she puts the pillow over the horn (center of steering wheel) to prevent what happened in this story.
    An alternative is to transfer the dog to the chain centered on the floor of the truck bed, (which is State Law for transporting dogs.)
    I could be whistling into the wind with this suggestion, but I’ve hit a dog flying out of the back of a pickup on 101in pursuit of something which tripped its instinct to chase. Smashed my windshield, and the oblivious driver drove on. Bummer all the way…

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