Man Flees Deputies at Over 100 MPH, Search of Home Reveals Marijuana and Stolen Revolver

Capture2This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On 11/5/2015 at about noon Agents of the Humboldt County Drug Task Force assisted by Deputies from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office attempted to serve a Humboldt County Superior Court search warrant on the 1500 block of Anna Sparks Way in McKinleyville. The warrant was to be served during a traffic stop, and authorized the search for a large quantity of methamphetamine for sale. Two uniformed Sheriff’s Deputies in clearly marked vehicles performed the traffic stop.

The subject of the warrant, Jesse Curtis Hiller, fled from the traffic stop at a high rate of speed. Hiller fled on School Rd. and then southbound on Highway 101 where Officers with the California Highway Patrol took over the pursuit. Hiller made numerous evasive maneuvers and reached speeds well in excess of 100mph before the pursuit was cancelled in the interests of public safety.

Later in the afternoon Agents served a search warrant at Hiller’s temporary residence in Loleta. Agents discovered at least seven pounds of processed marijuana packaged for sale, scales, packaging consistent with methamphetamine sales, and a loaded .357 caliber revolver. Capture1The revolver had been reported stolen in the burglary of Pacific Outfitters in Eureka in August.

A Be on the Lookout message has been issued for Jesse Curtis Hiller, date of birth 08/10/1986, and for his vehicle, a black 2010 Chrysler 300 with black custom wheels and chrome trim with the license plate of 7EEE835. CaptureThe Drug Task Force asks that anybody with knowledge of the whereabouts of Hiller or the vehicle contact the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or their local Police Department.



  • And THAT is how you do it, people! A measly 7 pounds of weed? They will never get the meth charges on him because they could not catch him. He ran and he ran fast! True outlaw actions pay off. I hate meth but I gotta admire the guy’s spunk- he beat the cops. The cops lost and he won. Ha Ha Ha!

    • What do you mean “he won”?? LOL!! Do you have any idea how many more charges just got added to his arrest warrant since he decided to flee in his vehicle? when they nab this guy he is so F’d. Maybe he will get off on the meth unless he is caught with it, but since he ran, and had drugs and packaging materials for selling AND a stolen gun at his house he’s gonna be in a good amount of trouble.

      • YerKillingMeSmalls

        I’m with you and goose on this one Saucy.. Is this ‘for Real’ for real ? This other fella says ‘the cops had a bad day’ and blah blah…
        Doesn’t it amaze ya how common un-common sense is around here ?

      • They will have to prove that it was him in that car. Since they never got him out of the vehicle or ran his identification that gives a lot of room for a competent lawyer to beat those charges down. They will never get the charges from possession of lots of meth because they never caught him. The charges coming from the search warrant they were going to get regardless. Except the packaging charges won’t stand well without the actual meth being there. So you see…everything is slanted towards making his running from the law a solid and good decision. That was what my point was. If you run and escape with the goods then you win. That’s why people do it. The myth is that you should give yourself up and things will go easier for you. That is a myth we want criminals to believe but it’s a myth in some cases, like this. I’m shocked they alerted him while he was driving a car and did not block off his escape! Police know that criminals run- for the above reasons.

        • I think it will be hard to prove that he WASN’T the dude driving the car. Cops have dash cameras and if he drove past any traffic lights, I’m willing to bet they got a picture of him. And even if not, They know for sure that it’s his car. That right there isn’t solid proof that he was driving it but because of the amount of charges this guy is wanted for, I really doubt ANY judge will believe the “I let my friend barrow my car that day” B.S.

          • The judge doesn’t matter. Get 1 person on the jury to doubt and you win. Innocent until proven guilty so the weight is on the prosecution..I’m sure you don’t want it publicly posted that it makes sense to run away from the cops but in this case it probably did. I’m not really encouraging everybody to do it. Most criminals already know it’s best to run away, get away and then deny, deny,deny. That’s just the way the system is slanted. I’d like to know why the cops decided to alert him to their intention while he’s at the wheel of a car, not block him in and think that he wouldn’t just drive away! That for me is the real story.

        • Actually, ForReal makes some good points. There are a lot of assumptions that wouldn’t necessarily hold up in court.

        • I’m with you on all that. Keep running and the cops will eventually stop chasing cuz it’s hazardous to the public no matter they had already chased them for 20 miles in which something bad could of happened in that time. That’s the part I don’t get about high speed chases. If you have already been chasing them what diff is a few more miles esp when you know the road will narrow and the chasee will have to slow down.

          • They sell those roofing nails that land straight up, too.

            Cylons run 9 ply tires but would pull off if someone was spreading these nails.

            Humans always win with Cylon dog fights.

            The best they can do is offer him a job in training Cylons how Humans escape.


        • Lost Croat Outburst

          If you maim or kill someone in your glorious, high-speed escape, the picture changes. This is not a video game where you simply hit “re-set” and start over. The entire concept is a very bad idea.

        • YerKillingMeSmalls

          And it’s people on a jury like you, thinking like that, that let’s people like him get away with breaking laws.! Try thinking about all the reasons it more than likely was him doing the alleged crimes instead of coming up with all the highly unlikely excuses that..maybe, just maybe.. It wasn’t him. Thanks again for rewarding the bad guys and helping the ‘legal system’ fail ! Sometimes the legal system doesn’t fail.. We fail it !


      This dude might be ‘taking a trip…..’

  • don’t mind me, im just a guy with a blacked out chrysler 300 with rims. in humboldt.

  • Oh he’s just a Good Ol Boy, leave him alone.

  • Bad day for the cops…

    One in handcuffs escapes, this guy out smarts them….

    They seemed be be trying to win with the meth and smack busts, not killing the innocent people in the car when their friend shoots the cop.

    Now we are seeing them in disarray, retreating on all fronts, and looking keystone.

    Bet someone steals a cop car to get away, or breaks into their office to loot.

    Let’s hope they can get back on track and cut the nonsense out. There are plenty of bearded growers driving Toyotas looking and acting like Isis for them to take down.

    Get back on track and start pulling over Toyotas.

  • Now there’s a sorry state of affairs

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