Injured Man Whose Home Was Sprayed With Bullets in October Speaks Out

Over a month ago, on October 1, a double shooting in Southern Humboldt shocked the community. Two people living to the east of Garberville on Wade Road were injured when the bus they were staying in was sprayed with bullets. The woman lost her eye. The man was hit by two bullets in the neck but still managed to get the woman to medical help.

Yesterday, KMUD’s Terri Klemetson interviewed one of the survivors, Adam Godlove and graciously shared the interview here.

Listen to the whole interview if you can but here are a few of the important points.

The shooting happened about 11 p.m on October 1st.

Adam Godlove and Melissa Vallecillo (Meli) were the victims.

The generator was going so the victims didn’t hear anything until the bullets began shattering the windows.

“I took two bullets to the throat essentially and a bunch of ricocheted fragments,” said Godlove.

Melissa Vallecillo was hit in the eye and above the eye.

Because of the violence, medical personnel are told to stage–stay back from the scene of the shooting. Godlove drove to where they were on Alderpoint Road. When he learned that they were unable to come to the crime scene, he walked back to the bus while wounded and put Vallecillo in another car. He brought her to the medics.

Meanwhile Godlove said, “I had no idea if he was just hiding in the woods…I definitely had fear of getting shot more… .”

As a result of the shooting Vallecillo lost her eye. She and Godlove are out of the hospital recovering.

The situation has been very difficult as a suspect has not been arrested. “My entire home was very broken…bullets every where,” Godlove said. In addition, his cat disappeared.

Godlove credits the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office with being a great help even though, Klemetson says the 87 marijuana plants in the area were cut down by deputies.

6201225_1443751326.373 (1)There is a fundraiser for the two victims on Friday, November 13 at the Garberville theater. Or a GoFundMe site has been setup here.

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  • I can’t wait to move!!!

  • concerned neighbor

    Scary situation and sad, hcso couldn’t get there before the medics so your gonna have to go ahead and drive yourself down the road and oh while your being treated were gonna kick you whIle your down….since who ever shot u up didn’t take your pidly 87 plants, we’re gonna go ahead and get those…..and they probably took your Cat to….I wish you 2 the best and this story enstills my lack of faith in the system here….

    • I agree. I live across the valley from where this happened. Law enforcement didn’t have any info for neighbors. They said lock your doors and have a phone handy in case anything happens. Response time should be less than two hours. They claimed to have no details. Didn’t know whether he was on foot or not, didn’t know what type of gun was used, random crime or vendetta. Protect yourselves folks. A gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone.

      • YerKillingMeSmalls

        How come in a situation like this one.. Everyone just badmouths the HCSO ? Ask yourself the same questions you ask of them ! Do you know whether it was a he..Or a she.. Or both that did the shooting ? Do you know what type of gun, or guns, was used (before and if any bullets or casings are found and identified) ? Do you know if the perp(s) were afoot or in a vehicle? Do you know if it was random or not ? Why and how do you think they are supposed to just know all that the minute they arrive..? If you folks find everything the HCSO is involved in ‘Offensive’.. Then I suggest you quit finding them ! If you’re the victim of a crime (And I hope you aren’t) in the future.. don’t call the HCSO.. that would be hypocritical.

    • Wow … So “pidly 87 plants”. WTF? Nothing pidly about that amount. There is no way that that garden was just for personal use. Old school hippies will tell you that if you grew so much that you have to hire long term help that you are greedy. This was an unfortunate situation and my heart goes out to the victims. So glad that no one lost their life. The days of quietly growing and peaceful living are gone. So sad. It is ridiculous that this kind of life changing violence can be the result of a PLANT!

  • I feel there is more to the story here than mr godlove is telling us.

  • They were staying in a bus ? Are they transients ? Were they on private property or trespassing ? Who did they do business with, Who was angry with them ? There is more to this story.

    • These kids worked normal jobs in town. They volunteered all over the county. They were not homeless. They rented that space for several years now. Even if they were transients, no one deserves this. So tired of the snide remarks, “there must be more to the story!” Like there is justification in these violent actions of a coward. Even if they had pissed anyone off, IT DOES NOT justify attempted murder. All life is precious, including the people you don’t like or are mad at. This mentality of violent justification is what truly hurts us & you that believe this. An eye for an eye only makes us all blind. How many children must get hurt or die before we Stop the senseless violence that plagues it? All I have is love to give you Humboldt & I will till the day I die. Be careful & take care

  • And anyone within hearing distance of the generator might’ve just gone postal. Someone angry about the vagrants camping. Someone wanting them off the property. A maniac transient with a grudge. Nearby growers with a grudge. Someone wanting revenge for their grow getting raided. All manner of possibilities, and most of them serve the change of demographics that wants to take place in Humboldt County.

    It’s prime dope growing country… and I can’t tell you how many people I’ve heard in my life exclaim that they would retire and grow dope if it were legal. It’s already legal for medical purposes and on the verge of becoming legal for recreational use. Monied interests are already hard at work to stake out their ideal pot farms. To be gentlemen farmers or to flat out go into the business, have their own brands.

    They’re already in Sacramento and Eureka working on legislation and regulations to facilitate what they want to be doing with your homes… and maybe Meli and Adam were standing in the way of someone who WON’T be stopped. Or it was just a freak, and we’re SO lucky they were not killed.

    But it’s NOT just the mob of party bums they want out of Humboldt. It’s the lifelong and ancestral locals in their way too. There needs to be people keeping track of what’s going on in the County and State offices BEFORE they make happen whatever these interests want to happen, AND people need to be able to find out who’s sniffing around for big properties, where things are being bought up quietly, and that requires people with investigative chops.

    The people need MORE than ears on LE scanners and press releases and delegations to protect the kids going to and returning from school. They need to be able to protect their homes and communities from being eaten up and spitting them out. That means investigative reporting at minimum, but also it means all the locals supporting each other instead of at each other’s throats all the time.

    • As it stands now you will not need a huge property. 40 acre parcel gives you rights to pursue permits for a 1-acre grow. My rough guesstimate is you pull over 3000 pounds off that 1 acre full-sun permitted grow. Legally. Anybody with any sense of basic economics or familiar with history knows what happens next. The big fish feed on the share of the little fish as consolidation occurs, many smaller operations are lost…and we end up with a handful of large production companies. But- this will be happening statewide. So our “Humboldt” share of the market will be eaten away by producers all over the state. Some producers will have multiple 1-acre grows and some of them will have very deep pockets and so will be able to weather a few years of severe market instability and disruption. I don’t see why any property over 40 acres will be deemed especially desirable but I agree that we are in for massive change here locally. And nobody is reporting where we are going. It is up to the individual to read the future and prepare.

      • I hope it’s as gentle as that, but there are people who want to go bigger faster, and to capitalize on Humboldt’s fame for this product. They will be, already are, trying to get bigger parcels and language into legislation and regulations that will have them up and cornering the market ASAP.

        EVEN without converting TPZ to ag, they can be big time pot growers who aren’t cutting down the trees, still getting the tax breaks of gentlemen farmers, or timber producers, or corporate big boyz. All kinds of ways to make this shake out that favor the wealthy and shove out the little guys, and Ohio just tried to legalize with the corporate growing right there in the bill… which is why it got voted down. Ohio wants legal pot, but not just to hand it to the fat cats.

        They were right to vote that down, but not smart enough to have kept that out of the bill to begin with. Are WE smart enough to keep it out of ours? Or to vote it down if we don’t keep it out?

        People are SO sick of the police state atmosphere STILL hanging around anything pot-related, I think they’ll vote for anything that takes it away.

      • YerKillingMeSmalls

        Finally… Someone that gets it ! Good job ‘End Game’ .. ! If it’s legalized the little guy will disappear . More production will make $1500 per lb. drop to $150. A grower makes $4,000 instead of $40,000 for his yield. So unless you farm acres of it it won’t be feasible to do ! But that also means the 14 billion dollar industry will become a several million..give or take..dollar one. And the big tax windfall the state figured it would get disappears..So do they really want it legalized ? Do they want to deal with all the lawsuits from some kids parents after the kid is in a accident and weed was involved. You know that’s going to happen eventually ! The potential ramifications of legalization is mind boggling !

        • YerKillingMeSmalls

          THAT being said.. This is supposed to be about a couple being injured in a shooting incident and you fellas with the ‘ it’s the govt. and the big corporations are out to get us’ obsession have segwayed into the conspiracy zone again ! Hehehe

  • It sounds like they love SoHum, but didn’t get the hint?

  • They were not trespassing. They were not unwelcome. They had every right to be there via the “leaseholder” and the owner of the property. That being said, there is a history there in which this appears to be the latest chapter. Unfortunately for them, I don’t think they were aware of the early chapters. And I have to laugh at the idea that the HCSO are actively investigating this etc. etc. considering they have not returned my phone call from only a day or two after this occurred. Hard to say that they are pursuing every lead or any lead for that matter. I look forward to the investigation update promised in the KMUD report but honestly don’t expect much.

  • People used to insist that the marijuana growing situation here was peaceful and non-violent. I think those people owe us all an apology.

  • Instead of wasting taxpayers money on obtaining a search warrant to “eradicate” these people’s 87 plants they should have spent that money, time, and manpower on efforts to find and arrest whoever did this violent crime. Then again anyone is capable of destroying a plant, but it takes intelligence to solve a crime.

  • I wish them the best in their recovery but I’m in the camp that believes there is more to the story. I just can’t be amazed any more at the litany of scenarios people can develop.

  • wrong it is only legal in California. It is against the Federal Law. Just because California say that it is legal does not make it so. I think they needto put them all in jail for the plants. Then maybe our streets would be safer.

  • Maybe they should move back to were ever they came from appearantly they are not welcome time to fire up the bus somebody don’t like them for some reason

    • FYI these people do not need to go anywhere in order to be “were ever they came from” because they’re already here. Just like you and me they are from planet Earth, and specifically the U.S.A., where we all have the right to move and live about freely. What none of us have the right to do is shoot our fellow human simply because we don’t welcome them into our neighborhood.

  • Thanks a lot to them for putting yet another target out there and inviting violence into our community.
    Thankfully no innocent neighbors were harmed.

    • Dont put blame onto the victims here. How dare u say they invited this in. So easy to be a jerk online bet ud not say this in person directly to them.
      They hired a man to haul trash, real trash, off the property. Relased him of his services n he wasnt happy. They had no problems with anyone but this man hired for a basic service. It had nothing to do with their 215 grow. This was a random act of violence that could’ve happened to anyone. Get ur head outta that narrow hole your looking thru.

      • This “crazy garbage man” theory has been floated but the simpler explanation is the history of that parcel, its location relative to certain neighbors, and a history of violence and serious criminal activity over decades. This blog has featured stories from the neighborhood before on that point. No, these young people did not invite anything on themselves and its unfair to say that. People need to stop fooling themselves that these issues are new. The seeds were planted a long time ago. However, living there only a few years, on land not their own, they did not appreciate that they may have been exposed and naked when circumstances suddenly changed regarding the property in the weeks before the shooting. I’d like to think I am wrong, and maybe I am, but if I am right, this was not a random act. I am greatly saddened to know this happened much as I feared when I learned of the circumstances changing on that property. They didn’t invite the violence in, it’s been there a long time, maybe just sleeping for a while. And I wish I could have said this to these young people before this happened, to them in person, but the universe didn’t flow that way this time.

    • You seriously believe violence was invited into “your community” by these two people? Seriously? And by the way two innocent neighbors were harmed. Their names are Adam and Melissa.

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