A Clutch of Coyote Closeups

coyote (1 of 1)-26One recent dark, foggy morning in Southern Humboldt, photographer Ann Constantino slipped quietly out of the house to look for shots of birds. Unfortunately, there weren’t too many around.

“I was about to give up and go home,” she said, “when I heard [a coyote’s] steps coming through the brush. She never saw me I don’t think. I felt incredibly lucky.”

So are we.
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  • Very cool pics! Such mystic eyes in the last photo, looks right into you.

  • This is the second time I’ve seen someone catch a lone coyote with a camera. I’ve only ever seen them in packs and from a distance and about eight of them shooting out in front of me in a line on 101 in near Brookings right after sunset….

    The first one was from a guy who was videoing his nature hike on Mt Tam, and it was so gray and scraggly and on the main trail I thought it must have been sick. But this one looks nice and healthy and the right color… and POSING for you! Wow.

    And I like the lighting. Makes the images more dramatic.

  • Beautiful pictures Ann. We just saw a coyote near our horse pasture yesterday for the first time in years. It looked healthy. We will have to start having our camera ready.

  • Absolutely stunning! Thank you !

  • There’s a good market for photos turned into puzzles! The first, fourth, and fifth would be 500 piece Winners! Thanks a lot for sharing your luck! af

  • That is incredible work. Were you in a blind, or super telephoto? My hands shake and one of my favorite things has become difficult to do with any kind of super sharp definition.

  • Awesome! The coyote must have wanted it’s picture taken. We just looked at a Netflix nature program called meet the Coywolf. Turns out they are breeding with eastern wolfs making for a new breed. These pictures are so AMAZING. THANK YOU

  • Ann your photos are stunning and incredible Thank you for sharing them!!!

  • Thanks for the kind words. I was sitting by the river in a natural blind created by willows and other brush. I use a 150-600mm zoom and a monopod. We hear the coyotes singing every night, and have seen them occasionally during the day, but never this close or without their awareness of our presence.

  • Magical. Great capture!

  • Gorgeous! Thank you!

  • beautiful photos!!can I have your permission to paint them?

  • Very beautiful photos! thanks for sharing!

  • Nina (Kris) Haedrich

    WOW!! How can we not revere this beautiful Life Form and do everything possible to protect its survival, not only because it has the right to survive as much as we do, but because our survival is enriched as well! Thank you so much Ann, for these precious moments

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