Wall Smashed and Office in Shambles After Car Crashes Into Garberville Building This Morning


The office of Clover Willison Insurance after a vehicle pushed in a wall. [Photo provided by Clover Willison.]

“My computer is on the ground, my whole wall is caved in,” said Clover Willison describing the effects of a car slamming into her insurance office early this morning. “He knocked the concrete pylons into the building [and] knocked my desk clear across the room.”

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Desk tossed across the room. [Photo provided by Clover Willison.]

Reportedly, about 1:45 a.m. today, a speeding vehicle came around the corner off the main street in Garberville, lost control and rammed into #355 Sprowl Creek Road. The driver fled the scene of the accident in his car.

A reader, Shawn Crawley, who sent in the photos below wrote us. He said, “Basic story is car came tearing through town doing like 80…almost ran into the front entrance of Cecil’s…then ran into this building after they turned. Immediately left sans bumper and license plate.” Crawley got the license plate number and reported it to law enforcement.

According to Willison who spoke to transients in the area, the driver returned later looking for his license plate. And once again left the area without leaving a name or insurance information.

Willison asks if anyone has any information please contact her at (707) 223-3838.






  • The business has insurance?

    Lmao if it’s too expensive for them!

  • Sorry about that, Clover. What a mess.

  • This is just too much….”speeding quickly”???? What part of “speeding” doesn’t include “quickly”?

  • Well… at least he/she left his front license plate. I wonder if we will ever get the rest of the story?

    From the looks of the liquids left at the scene he/she won’t go far.

    • Let’s hope the insurance company has to pay, funny when the shoe is on the other foot.

      Might be Karma, feeding off what Cylons force Humans to slave for
      Coercion has Karma….

      Hope drunk drivers crash into lswyer joints as well.

      A day without lawyers and insurance people is the threshold of Paradise.


      • Hopefully you never need an agent to advocate for you….I am not an insurance company. It is not my pockets that are being lined, nor am I the one who forces you to have insurance. I am an agent who works very hard to help everyday people find the most affordable option to meet their needs. I am the person who battles the insurance companies on my clients behalf to obtain the medical treatment, etc. that they need. I am the person who locates specialists and helps coordinate appropriate care when a family is facing a major health crisis or injury. I work hard to put food on my families table and provide a good life for my children. I am sorry you don’t see value in that and that you choose to use cynical humor to make light of a situation that has been a bit devastating for me. God bless you.

      • You used “might” in your post … good job Mr.Troll … you are taking steps towards not being irrelevant

  • Its amazing how often this happens. I wonder if the cops are checking dazy’s security cammras.

  • Oh, Clover! So sorry! Such a terrible thing to happen to such a kind person. I hope all gets put back together soon and the responsible person pays restitution.

  • That’s just wrong. I hope they find out who did this.

  • I’m so sorry that happened to you! Its the last thing you need going into busiest time of year. Let me know if there is anything we can do to help

  • Wunder if the driver has insurance? Or was just wanted an estamate.

  • So sorry, Clover. Hope it’s fixed for you quickly.

  • native plant lover

    sorry to hear about this Clover. You and Tami are well respected in our community, helping so many people with insurance issues with no payment from your clients. You once appealed an insurance ruling 6 times for me – and finally got it paid. You ladies are filling a great need here and we all appreciate your hard work.

    • I appreciate people speaking out on their experiences. Thank you.

    • Wow….thank you for the kind words and perspective. A reminder of why I do what I do. I am incredibly blessed to have Tami by my side. I appreciate you taking the time to speak up and share that experience. Amazing how something like this really shows you the most beautiful side of your community. I am feeling very supported and cared for with so many folks checking in, offering help, and well wishes.

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