[Update 7 p.m.] Transient Encampment Fire in Arcata Area

Arcata Fire is arriving at the scene of a fire off of Giuntoli Lane. According to the scanner, the fire is in a transient encampment and no structures are involved. Fire crews are reporting a “black column of smoke” over the scanner. We’ll update this post when we get a more exact location.

Update 7 p.m.: Tweets from Arcata Fire:

  • Laytonville Rock


  • I am not surprised, dont care about themselves dont care about the environment. just care about getting their head tight. Lets just give them free drugs. why not.

  • That’s a pretty good action photo. Were there mutants in the camp, or was it empty of life?

  • They let lightning fires burn because they’re natural and healthy for the land. Should have let this one burn to, I’m sure the surrounding land would have benefited from it.

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