Humboldt’s Mecca Cup: A Cannabis Carnival

Press release from Harper Media:

Humboldt’s Mecca Cup returns for its third year with an all star lineup, including worldwide recording artist Common Kings, at the Ocean Grove Lodge in Trinidad Saturday, October 24th.

The show also features a lineup of local and national artists in an all ages concert.

The Mecca Cup judging will also be announced and local agriculture suppliers will be there to educate on best practices and participate in the producer’s freedom market.

The Cannabis Carnival celebrating the harvest will be back with extended games,activities and theatrics to celebrate the season.

Multiple vendors and a 215 lounge will be on-site. There will be parking at Cher Ae Heights Casino in Trinidad and free shuttle service.

Tickets are on sale now at for $18 in advance ($30 at the gate.)

Saturday, October 24th, 2015 – ALL AGES!

Ocean Grove Lodge, Trinidad, CA

3:00pm – 11:00pm

For more information, visit the Humboldt Mecca Cup website at

This year’s lineup includes the following performers:

Common Kings

Sammy J


Shark in the Water

Gabriel the Comedic Escape Artist

Sassafras Dance Troupe

O.E.B. AKA One-Eye

Husky Brunette

DJ Hap Hathaway

DJ Borg



  • How many canibas cups can one county have? Ya we’re the drug capital of the US what a accomplishments, I’m so proud. I can’t wait for my little girls to grow up and become pot heads too.

  • I consider going. . . . if I was deaf.

  • Any plans for an overpass through Eureka? Or a bypass? I can see a good route, already with a fat power company easement. Silicon Valley execs retiring to become gentlemen pot farmers all in the hills. Multi-milliondollar estates, some redwood parks, Old Town and other choice spots gone ultra-expensive retail and restaurants. Some new hotels and resorts. Catering to a better class of tourist.

    The cheap motels can stay lining the old 101. The wage slaves can can keep living where they live, and shopping where they shop. Keeping them out of the exclusive areas. What trimmigrants might yet be useful beyond the kids of the farm workers will probably be college kids trying to get by without so many loans.

    The Gallo, Christian Brothers, Korbel, etc, of pot farming will make certain the outlaws and the moms and pops vacate. Maybe a few who are excellent and legal can hang on and contribute to the bigger brands or eke out a boutique strain that keeps the taxes and fees paid. The tweakers and the homeless will miraculously evaporate.

    Just another year or so of people being murdered and suicided and raided and robbed, and most of the good people will have given up and moved away. Then the hard drug dealers will be moved out of the area, and the courts and cops will suddenly be ultra-effective public servants.

    The fishermen will stop hassling everyone because the salmonids will be extinct and none of the rivers will reach the sea anymore anyway.

    Mecca for the disenfranchised youth will become Mecca for the overly-enfranchised wealthy. Even the dog packs will stop ripping up your livestock because you won’t have any to rip up. Too stinky anyway. The neighbors have complained you away.

    Oh, and don’t worry, you’ll make an outrageous profit on your property. Almost enough to live out the rest of your days in a mobile home park down in Ukiah or up in Crescent City. Life will be good.

  • Call it paradise, AND KISS IT GOOD-BYE!

  • Is weed really that bad? Accept it as part of America’s culture now and move on. By the way, it’s cool for the city to pay $100,000 to put in a new brewery though? Drunk ass people, I don’t think you’d want to see your kids growing up to be alcoholics. [edit]

    • Did I say that? I would prefer my kids to grow up with no drug dependences, but I guess that just wouldn’t be trendy. I have no problem with people that use any drug. I just don’t think a culture should wersup any drug, its not healthy. Besides America is the biggest drug consumer in the world and quickly becoming the biggest joke in the world.

      • Cannabis is not a drug liken those manufactured in a lab. So your whole point is moot.

        • Medicine my a–. One should not drive while taking narcotics. Testing on driving under influence of MJ will be coming to neighborhood near you.

    • I have not seen a brewery in Trinidad. Ocean Grove hardly counts as brewery it’s a hole in the wall.
      This kind of venue attracts lots of trash that everyone in Gville is complaining about so how bout we just keep it there.
      Alcohol and drugs don’t mix well know fact so having this at a venue that serves alcohol?!?

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