Two Injured After Vehicle Crashes Past Curb Into the Devil’s Playground, One Detained


Eureka Police detained a suspect following an incident where two people were injured in the Devil’s Playground. [All photos by Oliver Cory.]

A woman was detained about 12 a.m. Sunday morning after the vehicle she was driving struck a man in the Devil’s Playground. The vehicle had jumped the curb of the north parking lot at the Bayshore Mall and drove into the Greenbelt 10-15 yards.

Two individuals were injured. One was struck with a vehicle. Another claimed to have been hit with a baseball bat during an altercation that appears to have been related.

Details on the story are still emerging. However, our reporter Oliver Cory was on the scene and captured photos. He also spoke to Sergeant Shawn Sopoaga of the Eureka Police.

“The car hit a pedestrian walking back here or who lives back here,” stated Sopoaga. “We don’t know if it was an accident or assault with a deadly weapon.” The victim knew the woman who hit him only as Michelle, he added.

Another victim, he said, claimed to have been injured by a baseball bat.

In an unpleasant twist, Sopoaga said, someone dumped “a honey bucket” or open toilet in the back of the woman’s car.


The suspect’s vehicle illuminated by a flashlight.


One victim who was struck by the car was put into an ambulance.


Another victim who claimed to be hit by a baseball bat was worked on by emergency crews.





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