Man Attacked With Golf Club Near Courthouse


Tonight about 8:30 p.m., a man leaving the Courthouse Market was struck from behind two times with a golf club. A witness told law enforcement he had been driving by on 4th street when he witnessed the attack. He told the officer he honked his horn, jumped out to help and called 911.

Eureka Police were nearby and arrived quickly on the scene. They arrested the suspect not far from the entrance to the jail.

The victim refused medical and gave permission for his photo to be taken. It is graphic. Consider not scrolling to the bottom if you might be disturbed.




  • Omg, that poor poor man. That’s like across from the sheriff’s. Crazy, we live in a crazy world.

  • Really? We go around assaulting old dudes now? This is ridiculous.

  • The world has officially gone crazy!!! The mutants rule the world. All those zombie movies have come true with all the meth mutants running around attacking poor old men. So what is Eureka PD gonna do about all the crazier?!?

  • Wow I see my crazy Monday Madness is just rolling thru the week,I guess..geeze people have you all lost your minds.Sure wish I could find the Eureka I remember,because this isn’t it.”Eureka I’ve found ass.I hope this man is ok.poor man probably wishes he never came here

  • Friendly black disabled, drunkman beaten to death , nearby. Robbed monthly. No one talk to police.police feed you to criminal. Have you buggered.thus has formed(justified) much associated and educated , focused violence and manipulation of police. Stalking gángs form. I imagine.

  • It is at the same place where a man died a couple of weeks back.

  • The Court House Market (LIQUOR STORE) is a magnet for Eurekas finest. Get well soon Dad.

    • I know the victim, and he doesn’t drink. It’s just a neighborhood market. We took our friend to the emergency room later, and to an ophthalmologist today. He will be fine, thank goodness.

  • A huge applause of appreciation to the man who stopped the assault and to the officers quick apprehension of the criminal. I hope the man will be alright.

    • Had I been there they’d still be unwrapping the golf club from the attacker’s head. What they understand is PAIN.

  • Too bad the poor guy didn’t have a concealed carry permit. (I’m assuming). I’m near his age and it would have turned out differently if it had been me.

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  • The victim is my best friend. I’ve known him since I was 14 years old, & I’m 64 now. Thank you to all of you for your kind words and best wishes. It’s a shame this kind of thing happens in our town, but refreshing to see all of you who truly care.

  • He just wanted 3 meals and a bed shower winter coming ,but he’ll they probably kicked him out already

  • Treat everyone as if they once were your mother.

  • Now maybe we have hit the low point when the courthouse market and smoke shop just moves into the jail with a window facing the outside world …

  • Thank God I have a Hard head.. I am Ok and My Eye is Healing well Thank You all for Your Concern. It is My Understanding that the Attacker is in Prison Now after Attacking a Correctional Officer at the Humboldt County Jail and having Additional Charges of Elderly Abuse Added to His Charges..

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