boomAt 22:22 (10:22 p.m. for us less military types) another loud boom shook Eureka. Crazy loud! Did you hear it?



  • 3400 block of I st rattled the windows and sent the dogs into a frenzy. Sounded like it came from the north-west of here.

  • Heard it on Pine Hill but no window rattling. It rumbled on a little…it sounded similar to thunder but there was no lightning.

  • From the end of Higgins street, sounded sharp and clear tonight. Most of the time the boom seems more muffled. Sounded like it came from the direction of the Eureka Municipal Golf Course.

  • I’m in Pine Hill and it was definitely the loudest BOOM I’ve heard. It sounded like it was just one street over – shook the house!

  • I heard it from Azalea Avenue off North Bank Rd. I was waiting for the comments about it. I can’t imagine how loud it must have been at the source. Apparently, it wasn’t loud enough to rouse Loco reporter’s from their roosts.

  • Henderson Center Dweller

    Heard it at C & Harris. Made me jump. Sounded close.

  • Heard it at the end of California St on the south end of town. Loudest I’ve heard this far.

  • Two explosions…… Second one LOUD. Rattled windows – dogs howling. I live off union street right by the construction bordering the green space. It was so close to my home it set off car alarms across the street. Sounded like it was down in the wooded green belt.

  • Hope it wasnt a Chinese, Russian or Iranian drone!

  • I know this much; whoever is doing this are raging D$%$kheads. Complete losers.

  • Relax, it was only comrade Obama coming to take our guns away.

    • [edit] You are one of the examples of why the rich Conservatives have such easy time maintaining the Oligarchy. Controlling the masses equates to it’s easy when they are uneducated. And all the guns in the world will not change that. Just look at Israel, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and other countries that have weapons. The Gov’t just sends drones that can’t be seen and bombs the crap of their citizens. The rich want you to have guns so you kill each other. Then that makes more candy for them.

      • Well said! Maybe they’re practicing drone bombs to hit another doctors without borders hospital in some horrible war ravaged country. Bombing hospitals for half hour and killing humanitarian doctors, the new American way to make sure the fat cats get plumper by the day.

      • Right wingnuts don’t accept reality. They invent birther movements, cheer when their #1 idiot Boehner quit, and they support a reckless loser like Donsld Chump. No wonder it’s the party of STUPID!

  • Would it be useful to offer a reward for information?

  • I live on pinehill,it was right on top of my house last nite ,I was so pissed I went out and screamed at the top of my lungs at was like an earthquake everything shook and fell!!!!ASS HOLES KNOCK IT THE FUCKING OFF my dogs are still hiding you fucking assholes,I hope you go deaf.or.blow your head off

  • I live on pinehill,it was right on top of my house last nite ,I was so pissed I went out and screamed at the top of my lungs at was like an earthquake everything shook and fell!!!!ASS HOLES KNOCK IT THE FUCKING OFF my dogs are still hiding you fucking assholes,I hope you go deaf.or.blow your head off..we live at higgins and Daisy.its my neighbors,can’t prove it yet

  • Definitely the loudest yet, but oddly enough, it was followed by some lunatic bellowing like a mad bull. Absolutely screaming at the top of their lungs. All I could think was those bombs are nothing compared to living near maniacal banshees.

  • Herd it on F and willow scared the crap out of me, someone must know who’s doing it…

  • I’d be looking to the nearest airbase to the east. There are jets that go so much faster than you think possible and they fly them very low sometimes. A huge one came in from the east right over the top of me one evening as I was sitting on a log at the north end of Ten Mile beach years ago. That puppy was going so fast I don’t know how to impress upon you how fast.

    Black pinhead dot at the horizon and monster matte black puppy directly overhead in under 30 seconds… faaaaaaaast… and waaaaaaaay over the sound barrier. It’s when they break the sound barrier that this stuff happens, and they’re not supposed to do that over towns. Happened all the time back in the dark ages, and scared the wits out of everybody all the time, until they stopped it.

    So this would’ve been some hotdogger leaving the base and hitting the gas pedal early… maybe headed to their naval training grounds that’s just offshore from Del Norte all the way up to the top of Washington.

    Or, I guess, coming back and slowing down too late.

    • … came in from the WEST… started to say “headed east” and then messed up my own edit. Coffee. I need to drink more coffee before I say anything.

      • I live atop one of the highest peaks in so hum and my house gets rattled pridy often by very fast moving air craft, not comercal jets something a lot faster and (bassyer) is that a word? They rumble my in sides and my windows. Haven’t seen one yet they only come by at night, I have seen many military chopper convoys go by though.

        • I got to talk with a guy who spends all his time gathering information on and researching hints of all the black tech aircraft and I told him about that insanely fast plane. He didn’t turn a hair. Rattled off some names of planes that can do that… and other stuff I’m not going to mention because it sounds crazy.

          The one that flew right over me looked like a U2, matte black that looked faintly orange from the fading sunlight. If it had markings, I didn’t see them, being that it was almost directly overhead, just a little to my left and it was LOW… like maybe 500 feet… I don’t know… just stupidly and outright unbelievably low.

          And, yeah, it’s an end-of-the-world rumble, unless they are just breaking the sound barrier nearby. Then it’s a sonic BOOM. I’m never going to forget it. I went from what’s-that-black-speck-in-the-sunset? to OMFG! to quaking with astonishment in about as long as it takes to read this sentence. YIPES.

          • There’s been a lot of encounters with Russian bommers on the west coast lately, it would only make sense that our gov. would step up their presents as well.

  • Could they be doing something at the cutten armory? Still dont get why they were driving around the other nite in that huge machine that snagged the phone lines.
    And it does sound odd but I have seen and heard some weird jet planes late at nite. We are in the Navy’s testing zone, I think it goes from bay area to oregon border and inland to the 5. And miles out into the ocean. A few years back they got called out by local county supe for flying super fast jets thru the valleys of honeydew/petrolia area and ran some horses and bunch of cows off the cliffs. Has anyone seen anything at the old nuclear power plant late at nite? Hope they’re not blowing parts of it up rather than dismantle the whole thing appropriately.

    • There are military flight corridors locally, They are very narrow, and the aircraft must stay in them, nowhere near as wide as most people think. These booms are homemade fireworks/explosives getting set off locally. Someone should look at Samoa Beach. Right across the bay, sound travels a long ways.

  • Kingsley field flies far from Klamath.

  • Back in the 80’s when I was still in elementary school I used to here sonic booms quite often here in town. Now that it was mentioned above and the more I think about it, I think this might be the cause of some of the booms we hear. The intensity of the one last night was far to wide spread to be a localized jack ass playing with M80’s or acetylene bombs. Either of those could rattle windows in maybe a couple blocks radius, but last night’s boom rattled windows across the entire city. At this point my bet is on it being a sonic boom.

  • Heard it here in South Eureka was a bit muffled though at first I thought it was behind me at brewery but the brewery is usually quite at night wish they’d find the jack@ss doing this its unfair to us residents here in Eureka & everywhere else

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