Redway Man Arrested in Willits

This is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

CaptureOn 10-04-2015 at approximately 11:00 PM, Deputies from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office conducted a traffic stop on a white Toyota Four-Runner with expired registration in the 29800 block of North Highway 101 in Willits, California.

As the driver was contacted, a Deputy standing on the passenger side observed a jar of marijuana in the cup holder inside the car.

A subsequent search of the vehicle resulted in the discovery of three methamphetamine smoking pipes and approximately one ounce of crystal methamphetamine.

The driver, Peter Ryan Rodriguez, [age 44 of Redway] was arrested for possession of methamphetamine for sale, possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Rodriguez was booked into the Mendocino County Jail where he was to be held in lieu of $25,000.00 bail.



  • No victim? No crime. Nullify.

    • Are you kidding? The dip shit should be arrested just for being a dumb ass. Besides he was probly high as a kite driving around.

    • So, because he didn’t accidentally kill someone while tweeking and driving this time, he should not be punished?

    • The victim is the People of the State Of California….have you been paying attention to what is happening to the population of Humboldt County. Too many meth users are turning our neighborhoods into prisons for law abeying citizens only trying to raise a family and end up being chased out of the community becuse of these drug crazed antics. The so called homeless making our streets look like a scene out of “The Walking Dead”. Shootings over a stupid weed that has turned our society into liers and decievers trying to justify it as medicine while selling it for as much money as they can. Makes us just as bad as the government and big businesses that we complain about so loudly….Too bad it doesn’t NULLIFY the sad state we have become.

      • Great post, thanks

      • I appreciate this comment. I’ve no problem with marinuana, but rather, what it turned people (growers) into.

      • Well well well my family has been in Humboldt County for probably 120 130 years marijuana is always been there people don’t do crimes on marijuana God provided plant no people on meth amphetamines fucked in the head, the problem isn’t Mary Jane the problem is people on tweak and crack and heroin, some of the greatest people in the history of our world smoke marijuana including several of our forefathers Benjamin Franklin Abraham Lincoln George Washington Magellan

        • Well well well…as you said. Did you forget the young lad in Laytonville just sentenced for murder. He smoked marijuana every minute he was awake. He killed two people. The young man from Hoopa that attacked the CHP Officer with the machette….both had high levels of marijuana. No other drugs on the Laytonville case and only low level of prescription drug on the Hoopa case. And marijuana is not native to Humboldt County, it was brought here by man because of it’s mood altering effects. You use to be able to smell the fir trees and redwood trees, now all you smell is marijuana. Humboldt County stinks worst than Manila did with the pulp factory during the harvest season.

        • “some of the greatest people in the history of our world smoke marijuana”

          Some of the greatest people in the world have jumped over a bluff also, does that mean that we all should? (To paraphrase the mothers of all mankind)

      • Its not tweekers, Id take tweekers anyday its the Herion addicts, Humboldt is the scene strait outta the walking dead. The cops are paid, murderers, dirty and the streets reflect that. Busting a 215 grow shouldnt even be a priority. Taking down the cartels that are pumping the area full of black tar Herion should be. Its not a matter for the unlucky anymore its everyones problem. See the baby boomers are blinded by there “lets reform, follow the leaders, doesnt bother us over here in this nieghborhood mantality” im willing to bet that the rich get richer by letting them do this to himboldt and they will let it go on till there pockets are so fat they bail on Humboldt leaving whats left to the pizas that are killing it rapidly right now.

        Ill take tweekers anyday, start at the bottom. Banish whipits for sale, deport any illegals or anyone visa’ed from mexico. Go out in the rural areas and ruit out the mexican cartels oh no english get in the bus! Then clean up the junkies on the bay behind the mall in the dunes in the parks and ship them all to frisco and then fire all the cops and hire 100% exiting military men with honor and courage not these dirty citizen killers. There dirtier then the guys there trying to stop.

        I cant even get them to talk to me like a human and im a law abiding citizen they think there better and steven segal above the law. There kicking in doors without warrants for no reason luckly finding drugs and illegal stuff and valubles then leaving with no paperwork done, no cards givin out, gone without a trace!
        I escaped humboldt this month when my home was broke into, I had puctures of the thieves and because there informants they got one day in jail and probation and put on the street to go right back at it. They walked by my house smiling thats when i had it. Sad I loved Humboldt, i made it my home but like many fleeing the scene of the crime, I dont and wont be a victim any longer!

    • Meth? A crime. [edit]

  • Surprise, surprise, surprise! ….

  • He had dedicated a lot of time and energy to the community softball league in SoHum. Good heart…poor choices. F#@!&*! meth. 🙁

    • What's really sad

      he lived at the baseball field in his truck so he was always there he was a horrible coach and talked about players to their peers never let some kids play. Had many many formal complaints filed against him and in the end He STILL got to be involved because they had no one else I guess if you are a TWEEKER you have lots of time and energy. I think his good heart was more of a little mans power trip

    • He was a good umpire

      • No he was not a good Umpire, he would swing games in favor of his so called friends, blatant crappy calls, he would call balls that were clearly strikes and call strikes that were clearly balls, just depended on who’s side he was on. Sorry Not a good Umpire, crappy coach and I concur he would talk smack about other players too his favorite kids, totally played favoritism. Sorry Pete take your crack somewhere else, this is strike two

  • “with expired registration” When will they learn to break one law at a time?

    • You should only need to register a car once, the need to do it each year is to prop up a failed pension scheme.
      Illegals in LA are allowed to drive without registration, licenses, and insurance. They are exempt from tickets and tows, as per the police chief.
      Why are they allowed to do what native born people aren’t?

    • Fellow tweaker may have lifted the tags?

  • Let’s make our community safer. We need everyone to stop turning the other cheek when it comes to these people.

  • Anyone who thinks we don’t have a problem with drugs and crime around here should really pick up the paper,listen to the news read lost coast get out of the house!!THIS beautiful place is so drugged up and crime is at a high no pun intended. We used to leave our home unlocked for friends and family,those dayz are long gone now there bolted shut,windows have bars.what a shame we have to arm ourself and fight back.

  • Marijuana was the drug of choice for the Laytonville murderer but that kid had issues before he ever saw his first joint. Dangerous with a capital D, hoopah has had crazy s#/@ happening for decades before marijuana. Read old stories from the newspaper man slits brothers throat because he refused to help skin deer. Scapegoating marijuana is the easy way out there have been kooks in these woods for a long long time and though it’s not pc a lot of native Americans from hoopah are dangerous and child molestation is a huge problem there which often goes unreported.

    • I agree. Hoopa has deeper problems than members smoking pot. Overdoing it on edibles? That’s probably what the kid was on when he hacked at the sheriff with his machete. I heard it was mushrooms…

  • I can’t stand tweakers and meth is the root of most evil and most tweakers. I will not stick up for his drug abuse but I will say he is a good man with a good hart and helped more kids with baseball then 99% of the parents around here. Knowing he fell back into the zombie making poison he probably won’t be aloud around kids for a long time if ever unless he can kick the habit that so little can do. Basically my point is don’t talk trash about what he was because he was a great coach, umpire, and gave so much time, energy and love to the kids. I just wish all meth dealers would od on there own supply.

    • Clearly he never coached your child, told them to tea bag another player if they were upset with them, or heard him yelling obscenities at the parents and crowd in front of little league players, etc. As an umpire, he was often one sided and unfair. He should have not been allowed around kids years ago. The people that brought him around should be ashamed of what they exposed the children of so Hum to. He a piece of $#!+, with or without meth. His own kid doesn’t even want him around. No sympathy what so ever for him. Good riddens! A great example to kids about what not to do when you grow up!

      • What he did was commit time to our community… Time that 99% of the parents would not dedicate. Everybody wants their kids to play but no one wants to step up…. One thing he did again and again. Obviously I can’t get behind him but he did what no one else would do. Wood field had never looked better than it does now

  • This guy is different I saw him around town not wanting to dump on him when he’s going away for a while but an Oz is more than just personal use probably was a set up they had information and the registration was just an excuse.

  • Yes he coached my KIDS on his own time and no I am not ashamed of bringing Pete around my kids. Life is hard on people and drugs ruin lives. He is paying for it in more ways then one. I just hope he can do what so little can do and kick this messed up habit. Hay DUH umpire a game and I’m sure one side will not like you.

    • I also hate Meth! It is destroying families everywhere and because of that parents are absent from the baseball field. If you are not willing to get out there yourself you should not complain about any volunteer umpire. My kids play and Pete has spent countless hours working with the kids and on our field. I go to games in other places and am so thankful for our beautiful field. I hope all these people bad mouthing him get out and do their part in the coming seasons because it will take many people to do what he has done for years. F**k Meth! Thankyou Pete!

  • Hey ‘DUH’ if you are going to talk so much shit about somebody who has dedicated a lot of time to the sports and kids in this community you should post your name and stand behind your comments. My kids love Pete and he has always been great with them and kind to them. We have all messed up and said or done things we shouldn’t have. Sending Pete some love and hoping he can kick this nasty addiction.

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