Former Southern Humboldt Man Gets Commendation for Helping Crime Victim

Former Southern Humboldt man, Joe Eastham, helps crime victim and gets commendation from the Lakeport Police Department who posted about it on their Facebook page.

Full Disclosure: This is the step-brother of Kym Kemp.



  • Nice to hear that there is still good people in this world.

  • What a great guy, we sure could use a couple of him in eureka that’s for sure.

  • Salute! A real man right there folks.

  • You have an interesting family,, as do a lot of us!

  • Oh, I remember when cops were like that….

  • To serve the public. I think there are many more like him. Sometimes people seem to stress a few bad actors.

  • Nice story, wish there were more
    like this to hear (or read)

  • This made my day.
    I, too, remember when acts like this were the norm in our area.

  • You must not have much interaction with police here.
    I have seen two good ones who actually help out in the twenty-odd years have been here.
    I have seen&experienced way more bad than good. Pretty much that way everywhere, they dont make much money&are expected to somehow cure society’s problems. It must suck but it sucks more to have them take it out on someone.
    Pretty amazing here that household break-ins are usually not investigated. After two break ins a friend had the crowbar used and fingerprints but the cops weren’t interested. And thats just crappy service to community.
    The police abuse is awful. A whole different subject, and have seen apd, epd, & sheriffs hurt people for no good reason besides they can. I don’t know anyone who calls them when they have a problem these days.

  • Myers Flat is proud of you Joe.

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