Distinguished Gentlemen (and Women) on Motorcycles


Distinguished gentlemen and women gathered in Eureka to raise money and have fun. [All photos by Mark McKenna.]

Did you see some dapper gentlemen (and women) rumbling around Humboldt County this Sunday? Wonder what was up with those elegant motorcyclists?

Wonder no more.  These spiffy gentlefolks mounted their metal steeds to raise money for a good cause (and to have a good time!)

“We had a lot of fun,” said Will Bagnall, event organizer. “We met in Old Town Eureka at the Black Lightning Motorcycle Cafe and rode a 60 mile round trip.”

More than 30,000 riders across the country joined the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride with the threefold goal of combating the negative stereotypes associated with motorcyclists, raising money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation, and enjoying the heck out of themselves. Last year, the entire event in hundreds of cities raised over $1.5 million. This year our local event with thirty-nine registered riders raised over $6000 here in Humboldt.

“That’s pretty good for a first time event,” said Bagnall. “We want to double that next year.”

Sponosrs of the local event include St. Joesph Health, Bell Helmets,Globe Properties, Black Lightning Motorcycle Cafe and Frye’s Homecare.





  • This is a great cause, I hope they raise a lot of funds & awareness. I’ve heard that non-smokers risks are double that of smokers, it’s high time for some serious fixes!

  • If there isn’t one, someone should instigate a comparable event featuring female riders raising money for breast/gyn cancer research and treatment funding. Black Lightning?!??

  • Even better how bout a ride to educate about eradicating the causes of all these cancers?Treatment is big biz, the same companies make cancer causing materials and also make chemo drugs, etc. Pretty smart for a company. You kno, pollute waterways then make the water filters. Capitalism at its finest.
    Its great of corse to see folks inspired to raise money for good causes.
    Unfortunately this horrible cycle will continue until we demand an end to at least a few cancer causing agents, like pesticides. Even if all these chemicals production was halted immediately, it would take years and years to get them out of soil, water, food, etc, if at all.
    The only recourse we have is good self care. People in their 40’s are the first generation born with non-“natural” toxins in mothers milk. My mom played in the street behind the DDT spraying car as the govt said it was totally safe then. The effect of DDT on eagles was an inability for the mom to produce calcium carbonate to form hard egg shells, thus the babies couldn’t survive. Funny they never told us what exact effects on humans are. Those awful pesticides are still manufactured here and shipped to other countries for use on crops there that are then imported to our grocery stores. So you’re still ingesting the poisons that are illegal to use in the US.
    Eat as much fresh&local as you can 🙂

  • Cool bike photos! Breast cancer research gets more money because, face it everybody likes healthy breasts. And a healthy asshole is still an asshole! Both good causes! Just couldn’t resist being an asshole. (My apologies)

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