Dead Man Found During Search for Marijuana Garden, Two Arrested

On Sunday, a man reportedly shot at a marijuana garden was found by the Mendocino County Sheriff’s deputies and transported to an out of the area hospital. [See story here.] Later that day, the  officers located the garden near where they had found the injured individual. A deceased man was found at the garden. [See story below.]

This is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Isidro Lopez-Bernal

Isidro Lopez-Bernal

On 09-27-2015 Sheriff’s Detectives conducted a foot search of the area where the injured 25-year-old Adult Male was found.

Sheriff’s Detectives traveled approximately .25 miles over mountainous terrain and located a marijuana garden site of approximately 200 plants.

An unidentified deceased Hispanic Adult Male with apparent gunshot wound(s) was found in close proximity to the garden site.

During the course of subsequent investigations Sheriff’s Detectives arrested Isidro Lopez-Bernal (26-year-old male from Ukiah, California) and Mario Godinez (25-year-old male from Cloverdale, California) in connection with the incident.

Both were contacted and arrested in different locations in Cloverdale, California.

Both were booked into the Mendocino County Jail on charges of murder and robbery, each to remain in custody in lieu of $500,000.00 bail.

The injured 25-year-old Adult Male’s involvement in the incident is still under investigation at this time.

The location of the marijuana garden site appeared to have been established as a result of a trespass onto privately owned property.

A forensic autopsy on the unidentified deceased Adult Male is scheduled for 09-29-2015 and identification is pending.

Anyone with information that could assist Sheriff’s Detectives is asked to contact the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office tip-line by calling 707-234-2100.



  • I feel for the family of the deceased . I can’t imagine getting that news as a parent .

  • This is what the environmental hypocrites left to this next generation President Clinton signed the NAFTA agreement negotiated the Northwest forest plan and deregulated the financial sector keep dreaming he’s the best President you ever had just because he did his thing in the office . With that Young lady that just so happen to be somebody’s daughter . I know some of you will be fantasizing that I’m a Republican but I’m not

    • Democrats and Republicans are opposite sides of the same, exact coin. The only major difference is when it comes to personal liberty and the environment: Republicans are the enemies of both in a HUGE way while Democrats are less of a threat.

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      And what exactly does this rant have to do with a dead man on a weed grow? Nothing. Go gripe somewhere else about politics.

    • Dear “Who”, what?

    • No way I am confusing you with a Republican, but I am desperately trying to figure out how what you wrote relates to a murder and a shooting at a trespass grow. Can you connect the dots for us mere mortals?

  • Glad it wasn’t in Humboldt. Two steps forward one step back. Stop the violence.

  • While I’d love to blame the occupational authorities for this, you can’t.
    Blame neo America for young people not being allowed to travel, blame zog media for the poisoning of minds and idolatry.
    Maybe you can blame government…
    Sad as weed used to be an escape from a dead society, not thug life.
    There is very little time left and I can’t wait for it to collapse.

    Sad for the nonsense.

  • What’s with the political comments?I’m seeing a pattern in the triangle and it involves Hispanic males COMPLETELY ruining our territory and giving herb a rep that gets worse everyday!! I’m Hispanic and feel embarrassed by these idiots who think its no big deal to cause problems and bring MORE heat to our neck of the woods. They have nothing to loose, they can just flee to Mexico and come back with a different name! I wonder if the deceased was a partner or an innocent? Either way the cartels are gaining a stronghold on the triangle and it NEEDS TO END!

  • What causes these probable illegals to trespass and murder and act like they do in their own country? They think they can get away with it and hide on either side if needed and they do then sneak back in with fake papers and a new name to kill some more. In the meantime they cost billions in welfare and prisons and other freebies. Close the border time and get serious time.

    • Hispanics and.
      Mexicans are two different things. Mexicans were designed by the occupiers of Mexico. They only left the decent women and created the Mexican.
      Mexicans are not Hispanics

      • This might help u understand the term Hispanic Mr X

        Hispanics- People who come from Spanish speaking countries example: Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Colombians

        Remember, we don’t want to hurt anyone’s precious little feeling calling them something they’re not.

    • You obviously ASSume a lot of things. 1. Not every Hispanic is illegal. 2. It’s difficult to just get papers on a whim. Get your facts in order.

  • Man, what a horrible story.

  • So sorry for the family,rest in peace little buddy.A mother lost her son today folks have a little compassion

  • Murder charges and they only have a 500k bail? That’s insane given the guy that was busted near salmon creek a while ago had a bail set at that same price ( and he didn’t kill anyone ). 500k bail for murder! Why is it not more?

  • Why any bail?If they know this is true straight to jury trial or no trial don’t past go.

  • Do not associate with outlaws, if you do you life and the lives of your family may be in danger at any given time. Do not conduct in outlaw behavior, at some point you will have to associate with other outlaws.

  • pinches pendejos

  • Murder. Never good. Prayers to the family. Trolls. Never good. Both are a part of life that we must shine a light on, to reverse the social impacts, in every corner of the planet. They are the same evil minds looking to spread their fear and hatred. Murderers and Trolls, stay in your holes! Thanks for being that light.

  • Allman has kept the heat on the growers so intensely that its promoting nasty violence and everyone lives in fear. It’s like a border town in Mendo. Allman must get his tactics right out of the war on drugs playbook.
    That guy doesn’t mess around.

    • That’s a laugh. you actually think growers are under such pressure from law enforcement that they are killing because of it ? What nonsense. If paranoia was that bad there wouldn’t be so many grows. You must not have been here for the 80s,90s and early 2000 CAMP and law enforcement years. If growers can’t handle the relative home free atmosphere they’re enjoying now, they better get a new profession.

  • It’s early where I’m at and I mist be having a hard time understanding this article right now. Why are they being charged with robbery? Are the two dudes they brought in suspected of robbing the grow, or of owning the grow and committing murder?

  • Hey Kim – has anyone done any kind of statistical study of gun violence here? I feel like it’s increased by orders of magnitude in the last ten years……I suppose the authorities must have the statistics somewhere….

  • @wtf , two dumbass kids kill a girl in a car accident in Cloverdale (considered vehicular manslaughter), yet they walk free? Where’s their bail/jail time huh? Oh that’s right, they’re white I forgot..silly me.

  • The law enforcement was right in searching for the garden, very nice that they found the deceased lucky family, all the same condolences. Just reading The History i think the crime began way back when the migrants came and killing off the owners to grow marijuana

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