Ranch Owner Offering a Reward for Names of Trespassers


Trespassers caught on game camera in Southern Humboldt. The owner of the ranch is offering a reward for their names.

Fighting fires requires new roads. Sometimes these must be scraped open on private property. Hunters have been trespassing on these new roads, complains the owner of the Charles Mountain Ranch near Blocksburg.

“People have been taking advantage of the fires and using all of the roads that got opened to gain access onto private property,” he wrote to us.

He sent us the photos to the left asking for help. “I would like to know who they are,” he explained. “If we find out, then I’ll call Fish and Game.”

Trespassers have been using the recent fire roads put in on his ranch. [One gate has even been torn off its hinges after someone hitched a vehicle to it.} “I posted a couple dozen no trespassing signs,” he said. “The whole area is under video surveillance.” But people still keep coming on the land.

He runs guided hunts on his property and is frustrated. “This is our business and what pays our property taxes,” he explained. “We found water bottles and other trash left behind. They have no respect,” he added.

The rancher believes the trespassers shot a deer. “If they have one tagged during the time period they were caught on camera, then we know they got it here. They’ll get in trouble for poaching and trespassing…I can get them on three times what it costs..I can get them for $15,000.”

As the owner of the well-known Charles Mountain Ranch, the owner is offering a guided hunt to the person who can provide him with the information on who is trespassing.

He can be contacted at wooodsy@yahoo.com with any information.



  • Can’t help with the photos, but investment in gates at main entrances? Gates and large rocks ? Maybe the land is very open and that won’t work, but it may slow things down in some of the property. Just a thought. Or, a grounds keeper in exchange for housing and hunting privileges…

    • There are gates. I went back and added in something the rancher told me about one gate because I hadn’t explained that. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Rocks are OK for “retired” roads but not if the rancher needs the road.

      • True, I didn’t clarify, I have seen large rocks used in smaller spaces near gates where 4×4’s could still squeeze around a gate. Filling in the gaps so to speak. But, it has been pointed out that a gate has already been pulled off.

  • I have heard that somehow people think our County is some sort of ” lets go pot garden viewing ” campsite destination.
    The National Forest is where hunters usually go.
    Unless it is a hunting club.

  • Small claims maxes at ten grand…
    If it is not fenced, it is not a crime.
    Investing in a fence instead of rewards and video cameras makes more sense.
    Why even deer hunt in that area? Real men hunt mule deer, not tiny deer.
    Put in a herd of free range pitbulls is also a good idea. Good luck and share the land, you don’t own it the government does, it’s why you pay them rent on it.

    • You are wrong about if it’s not fenced. Posting no trespassing is enough. These poachers know they’re tresspassing. It’s called private property. Great idea to have a free roaming band of pit bulls, NOT !!! I’ll be showing up at your place to camp and hunt whether you like it or not, share and share alike.

      • Just pointing out it’s not your land because it’s rented from the government.
        Try not paying them rent and see what happens.
        Good luck and relax, it’s everyone’s land since nobody owns it or the animals.

        • In that case, the land you and others live on, make mortgage payments on, pay taxes on, etc. is not yours, but the government’s. And the government here, is the people (according to our constitution). Thus the land you live on, Mr.X, belongs to everyone. If that is the case, maybe we will build a small vacation cabin, right near the best water source. After all, it’s everyone’s land.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Fences are not required, just signs. OK, you said that. Free-ranging pit-bull packs is insane. They will kill or run-off all your game or attack people, trespassing or not. Free-ranging dog packs are a disaster for all wildlife; deer, bears, pigs, turkey and often people.

  • If a government agency opened roads on private land which allowed the trespass they should have to close them or pay to have it done. There are way too many people who tear down signs and cause damage to private land. It is something that happens year around.

    • Fire Agencies DO repair and close any roads they open, it’s called Suppression repair. Not all the Fire Complexes have it completed yet, and they only repair/close the roads that the AGENCIES opened. You neighbor have a dozer and put in a line, thinking he’s helping you? That’s on him and you to repair after the fires.

      I recommend calling the Fire Agency that was managing the fires there, probably CalFire in that area, or Possibly USFS out of Mad River, and letting them know if a Fire opened road still needs something. They can’t fix what they don’t remember, and it was a long, hard, firefight in Nor Cal this summer…

  • Looks like every other idiot redneck hunter.

    • Looks like another paranoid pot grower worried about his plants

      • love it or leave it

        [edit] We have many ranchers, some of whom have been here for many generations. Not everyone who has land grows pot. The reporting party clearly stated the business he runs on his property. I bet if you Google the name of the ranch you will see their biz info. And for kicks do google earth to see no grows on that property.
        Plus its not being paranoid to be unhappy about strangers with guns trespassing. Nor is it paranoid to worry about theives if you are growing. There’s insurance available for pot grows now, get with the program.

  • The whole ranch is fenced with gates!! People don’t give a shit about that instead of making excuses to how it’s the ranch owners fault why don’t we look at the real people at fault! Find the assholes make all of them pay and then it’s settled! Ignorant people who want to just make assumptions and not ask questions should really just be quieter! 👌🏻😁

  • Those are some pretty good pics. I’m sure someone will identify them. What nerve to be driving around in a Rhino on private property poaching, wondering if they hauled it there or drove in from adjoining or nearby properties. Bottom right pic looks female.

  • Francine Patterson

    So sad. The fires took the lives of so many wild animals and yet here we go…hunting them and trespassing and poaching as well.

  • i would take copies and put them in town like browns and all other places and you put reward i promise you will get a reply cause the pics are pretty clear ..thats whats wrong now is people go and ruin it for the good people, thats why we have to post things now well i hope this helps you

  • Are these trespassers accessing the Ranch off of the Alderpoint road or are they coming from above off of forest service land?

  • If it’s not your land,Stay the hell out.Your trespassing!!Which means your breaking the law.Love the photos,must be a good camera the shots are clear and their busted lmao!!!

  • Most of the ranchers I know I feel privileged to call friends or at least neighbors. They’ve allowed me to clean up fallen trees for firewood instance – the key thing is simply to ask permission first.
    Even if it’s BLM land, or rented the renter is the caretaker…….if you rent a house, you don’t own it, but does that mean anyone can come in and help themselves to your stuff?
    When you break down a gate, that causes many problems…..I learned at a young age “if you open a gate, close it when you leave”. Cardinal rule for ranch land…..otherwise the stock wanders off and that gets expensive.

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