Convoy Headed West From Hwy 101

marijuana leaf‘Morning, Mattole!

“Convoy of 20 plus with trailers and chippers headed West from 101 at the South Fork/Honeydew exit,” wrote a reader this morning about 6:45 a.m.  Many of the vehicles were unmarked according to our reader.

KMUD also received reports of the law enforcement caravan heading out the Mattole Road.



  • Gotta Love America

    20 plus vehicles?? WOW. Makes you think they will hit some big out of country, commercial grows, but when we get the news it will be a bunch of small, local growers. I was in the bank one time and a woman who spoke in an eastern european accent was being told she “had too much money” in a certain account and it would benefit her to “open a savings account”. She “could be making money on her money”. Not cool of me to assume how she acquired so much money, but if I had to guess…….

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  • Somebody’s going to have a bad day.

  • All clear on panther gap road.

  • They are going after the russet mite factory and save us from the little devils.

  • @Kym – No news of why there was 3 to 4 chp plus an ambulance going up alderpoint road last night about 8ish??

    • Scanner said self inflicted gun fatality in Harris

      • I also heard that from a friend, but just thought it was weird that there is no story about it on here. And I saw the chps and ambulance on the hill so I know something went down.

        • About 7:45 was on Old Briceland Road on the ridge beyond the airport watching the lunar eclipse. I saw two vehicles headed up Alderpoint road with red and blue flashing lights. Must be related.

        • so many suicides. i wish people would be able to realize there are hopefully other ways to solve their shit.

          i also think when someone is to the point of suicide they can think of nothing except stopping the pain.

          the scanner i heard was of a person hanging, found by a hiker who was standing by so medic’s could find them on the hammond trail, then a while later a young woman w/self inflicted gunshot to the face.

          then a woman behind a bar in arcata who had cut her wrists. that call needed no medical.

          as miserable as my life seems to be – i’m sure glad i’m here to vetch about it.

  • Kym I was wondering if there was an update for this incident and where the convoy ended up in the mattole?

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