[UPDATE 1:56 p.m.] And Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Go Out in the Garden…Convoy Headed Up Fickle Hill

marijuana in the sunSo…you north county folks saw the post about law enforcement headed out Mattole Road. Law enforcement never has two convoys in the county at the same time, you thought.

Well, looks like you might be wrong.

KMUD is reporting that a convoy of eight white trucks were seen heading up Fickle Hill near Arcata….

UPDATE 12:20 p.m.: Photo from a reader.

FullSizeRender (11)
UPDATE 12:49 p.m.: The neighbor reports that the action is taking place about 6 miles up Fickle Hill Road in or near the 6000 block.

UPDATE 1:56 p.m.: A spokesperson for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office said that a search warrant was served at a residence on Fickle Hill Road. Three individuals were arrested. Officers have now left the area. More information will be available later when the individual in charge gets back to the office and makes a report.



  • Fickle bastards!

  • You’re the best Kym. A big thanks to you and KMUD!!

  • I am confused. We don’t have enough law enforcement to patrol our rural communities properly. We don’t have enough law enforcement to combat the hard drug problem in our community. Yet right now there is 28 trucks, probably more than one cop in some of those trucks, going to cut down some plants…
    Are the problems in our community caused by a lack of resources or a misuse of resources? I’d say it’s the latter reason.

    • Agreed! The participation in these raids though brings in funds reimbursing them for time, often overtime.

      • And does anyone else notice they’re not making press releases with numbers anymore? Could it be they’re stocking up for a dry winter cash grab?

    • Don’t forget the $1000 an hour helicopters. You can’t even park at the mall without windows being broken but the cops have 28+ vehicles and money for helicopters. Are they using any Measure Z money for this in a round about way? Do they get Measure Z money for a new cop and then take another cop off patrolling so he can put on his cammo and play army man? I saw two players hanging from a helicopter last week about 1000 feet in the air. Hee haaaaa

    • I agree with you, too.

    • Thank for clearly stating the obvious. We as citizens must repeat these questions at each and every opportunity, in public, in private, in meetings, in community gatherings.

  • What sensitive watershed is Fickle Hill in? I’m starting to think this year’s raids have more to do with putting people out of business than water issues.

    • Yep and seizing as much money and property as they can, they may not have that as a cash cow after legalization. The police auctions are booming biz for em.
      Ya all this talk about protecting watersheds is BS. Its just a way for the cops to be supported by the community. Protecting water is a great guise for busting folks who really arent the problem.

      • It’s a way for them to use fish and wildlife to optain search warrants they would never be able to get otherwise. It’s a blanten violation of the fourth amendment Claus that was suppose to protect people when game wardens were granted special privileges to trespass on your property. Game wardens have more “rights” to violate your private property then any other gov. Beacracy.

    • Jacoby Creek on the south side. Mad River on the north. Like everywhere these waters are lower than ever. The reality is that there are some small greenhouses on the hill that will all be left alone. At the back, closer to Kneeland and the turn-off to Maple Creek there are a few blown-up scenes. And perhaps still some large indoor operations? I’m okay with those large scenes getting slapped down. That is the game those growers have entered voluntarily. They are not going after small medical grows. Believe me- there are many of those and that is not what the sheriff is eradicating.

      • Thanks for the reply.

      • Hope you are correct.

      • They came for the communists, but I was not a communist, so I didn’t say anything. Then they came for the trade-unionists, but I was not a trade unionist, so I didn’t say anything….. and when they came for me there was no one left to say anything.

        Do you know this quote?

        • Martin Niemöller

          How ever its hard to equat pot eradication with genocide:-)

          • Unless you’re a marijuana plant.

          • Question of degree, wouldn’t you say? It’s true that you survive having your garden raided, but the effects on your life can be catastrophic. Perhaps you don’t recall the first CAMP raids of the 1980s? They showed what can happen when law enforcement has all the resources it wants.

        • Oh no Ed! I hope this isn’t really you! I think most of us living here since the 70’s can recognize the difference between small family grows and very large profit-max ventures. I know the area I’m talking about and those very large grows are fair game for the cops. Equating this to Nazi Germany is pretty out there. Today they drove past many, many small greenhouses and let them be.

          • Yes, Jack, but did they drive by those smaller places because they’ve joined the movement, and realized that mom and pop are ok, or because they don’t have the manpower to get them. Yet. I’m sympathetic to small farming. I favor it. But I’m not sure how to define it. When I started defending medical pot growers, 10 plants was a big deal. Now the definitions of what’s small have changed. The state is set to license 1 acre canopy gardens. That’s way bigger than anything in the county now.

  • I wish they would put that much effort into tracking down the heroine trafficers and the crank makers ,bur no they let them go free

  • Yes she is ,but you know what I ment lol

  • Mom’s and Pop’s garden probably.bastards

  • a couple of yrs ago our area lea’s announced that due to the funding of haz mat clean up of meth labs being cut off that they would no longer be looking for or raiding meth labs, as the local lea’s could not afford the haz mat bill neither.

    i think lo knows which grow(er’s) they are gonna bust before the seeds are even in the ground. politics?

    and though the fed’s are talking about ending the forfeiture jackpot game they play, fed, state and county lea’s benefit so much through seizures it funds, though they are passed around (making lea’s look more upstanding and not as base as scoundrel thieves) they are making bank of those seizure’s…
    AND thankfully very recently the media began making noise about seizure’s not being returned to the owner’s even though no charges were filed or the owner is found no guilty.

  • Looks like old randy Gomes was up to no good.

  • I can’t figure out what the overdose of 9 people have to do with shelter cove raids.fickle hill raids I would assume thst.someone of the 9 over dose victims ratted out gomes for the100 some plants that gomes had at fickle Jill

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