How’d Your Mooning Go?

moon eclipseWarm, wild and wonderful, the lunar eclipse slipped across the Southern Humboldt sky trailing stardust and making memories.

Anyone catch a good shot? Here’s a favorite from our viewing.

Sadly, our best tries with including trees and mountains in the moon shot were disappointing. We’re hoping you did much, much better.
UPDATE 11:28 p.m.: Christina Lombardi sent us the photo below showing different phases of the eclipse.

UPDATE 6:30 a.m.: Photos from Jeff Henderson. Three other shots to help you see how beautiful it was.





  • In AP the best part of the show was obscured by a haze, darn it. Could see it faintly.

  • I don’t have a camera. I was out hunting for it after sunset. It came up between two mountains this month, so I got to see it before the totality was over. It was exceptionally underwhelming here, and, of course, just as it was starting to bring out the Milky Way and there began to be a little depth to the pink ring, pft, the totality started to go.

    FINALLY it’s clear here when something cool is happening in the sky and… well… not very exciting… but at least I did manage to get my recently widowed neighbor out into the road where she could see it. She’d been looking out her windows but couldn’t find it. So she was excited.

    We really did have to look hard to find it at all.

    • When it first came up, we didn’t see it. There was a haze of smoke on the horizon that we hadn’t realized was there. It wasn’t until it got higher that we saw a faint glimpse but as it rose, it got better and better.

      • I stayed up for one about eight or nine years ago that hit totality as it was directly overhead. It was perfectly clear out. SILENT. Everyone else in bed. No one on 101. The moon looked like a mystical marble I could just reach up and pluck from the sky. The stars all had infinities of wisdom twinkling and beckoning to me from every corner of the cosmos. By moonset it was full again and I swear Maxfield Parrish would’ve shot himself if he could have seen that dawn.

        So I guess I can’t gripe about this one.

        I too noticed the smoke haze as the sun was set enough. It was a pretty lavender color and that might have been why the moon in its totality was SO indistinct until it got up high enough. Like I say, Nell was thrilled, but I was bumming because the totality was going so soon after it finally got over the mountains and into that one groove where we could see it before it was over.

        It’s just now, remembering the one years ago, where I’m thinking, what in the heck am I griping about? I already got one whole night of transcendental cosmic perfection all to myself. Once in a while insomnia really pays off.

      • Same conditions for me Kym looking from a hilltop on Telegraph Ridge. The smoke haze from the east was too thick to see the eclipsed moon rise above Pratt mountain in the east. It was cool that I could see the lights of cars on Alderpoint road and the red beacon on the antennas up there though. I’m shamed as an experienced photographer for 50 years because I rushed out after working on Sunday and forgot to bring a headlight and a warm shirt. I couldn’t see my camera controls too well either, so I gave up after a few wild shots in the dark and hiked back to the truck before it was too dark to see where I was walking.

  • Close-up, sharp — awesome shot, Kym! Mostly all I got was a bunch out-of-focus shots — got barked at by a couple of foxes, though, who didn’t seem much impressed by the camera or the eclipse.

    • We heard coyotes here! So beautiful. All my shots of the eclipse beginning turned out terrible but I didn’t mind I was just enjoying being there. Later, though I got a few decent shots when the Moon got up high.

      • Same here… These are the moments when I want my old camera back working. It was pretty faint as it started up the sky ladder and by the time it was about half over It was really bright again. Thanks for all you do Kym..It means alot to the common folk <3

    • Nice shot, Gary.

    • Oh! LOL, Gary. I’m here gaping at yer shot and goin’, what’s that line across the moon!?! And then, at length, the old brain goes, it’s a power line you dim bulb…. 🙂 Thanks.

  • On top of Horse mountain we had an awesome sunset from the Kings range to Trinidad and the moon slowly appearing out of the haze above the Trinity Alps. As it got darker the Milky Way shined brighter and brighter, the moon eclipse got better and we even caught a couple shooting stars! And saw a fox on the way back to the ranch! We had a kid with us that had never seen the Milky Way, talk about star struck!

  • It was creepy,but awsome

  • We started out in shelter cove but couldn’t see it. so we hit the road and ended up at garb airport, just in time for the total then watched it reamerg. that was a good spot for it should have just gone there first.

  • Some years back I went to a viewing party at Beginnings. It was a similar eclipse and the Hale/Bopp comet was in the sky. It must have been clearer as the moon was redder and brighter than last night here on the Bear Butte Ranch. Twenty some years ago I watched the Persied meteor show from the same spot and saw 40 an hour. Will never forget it.

  • Great photos: thanks!

  • Shot with a NexStar 6SE and Canon T3i.

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