Missing Man Found Deceased

12062780_10208314577921941_407774523_oFamily members learned that missing Eureka man, Bruce Ewen, who hadn’t been in contact with them for a month, had been discovered deceased in the greenbelt area of Eureka on September 19.

The Coroner’s Office contacted the family to let them know that he had just been identified by his fingerprints.

“What the corner had told me was after the autopsy was performed there was no foul play involved. [H]e died from basically a heart attack and he did have a heart condition that was diagnosed last year so that made sense,” Randy Williamson, Ewen’s brother-in-law said.

Williamson said the Coroner was “very respectful and apologized numerous times in our conversation for having to notify us this way but they had no choice as they weren’t sure who he was until the fingerprints came back…He truly seemed to care.”

Williamson was grateful for all the support of the community and asked us to convey that. “I just want to make sure that there’s a big thank you for everybody that was out looking for him and have sent Glorie and I condolences today.”

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  • So sorry to hear it ended this way. Much condolences to the family and friends….

  • So sorry for your loss 🙁 Condolences to all family and friends at this time.

  • RIP my man. I’m a little older and that could be me any day.

  • Does this mean that Bruce is the person found near Harbor Lanes?

  • Condolences to all of Bruce’s family. He now rests in Heaven free from pain and any torment which may have left him down on his luck. RIP Bruce

  • Rest in peace brotherman

  • Rest in Peace. Peace to his loved ones as well.

  • this is so sad… many prayers of comfort and peace to his family…

  • Oh no.im so sad.god bless his family and friends.may he find that peace!!

  • My sincerest condolences to the family and friends of this man. I know I have met and talked with him before. He was a great conversationalist. I know he will be truly missed by those that loved him. May his spirit fly to bliss and may his soul live in all that is beautiful, such as the harvest moon tonight.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, it means an awful lot to my wife and I, yes Bruce will be truly missed he was a gentle giant. But we do have the memories

  • I do not know Bruce, but l do know Randy & Glorie. I am sorry for your loss, and for the difficult time you went through when you initially didn’t know his whereabouts and status. I wish the family peace as they grieve their loss, and l wish Bruce his RIP. Thank you also to the community and coroner for their actions and support during this crisis time.

  • Thank you all for the kind words it truly means a lot to my wife and I, it also proves to me that there is humanity in this world even though you did not know Bruce you took the time out of your day to send your condolences, God Bless each and everyone of you it means an awful lot to us

  • My heart goes out to him. He used to come into Stanton’s Restaurant all the time before it closed & my friends & I used to waite on him. Sweetest guy ever. Very polite. So sad to hear this happened. From me, Heather & all of the Stanton’s crew-our sincerest condolences to his family & friends

    • Thank you so very much this means so much to us Bruce was a gentle giant and he’s now with his mom and dad. May God look over you and bless you

  • I did not know Bruce but being from Eureka I did share the information when he was missing in hopes friends from back home would help you find him, and I prayed he’d be found. I now continue with prayers of peace & comfort for all his family & friends. God’s peace & blessings be with all of you as you walk through this valley of grief & loss.

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