Save the Date: Super Moon Total Eclipse on Sunday


Graphic from the US Weather Service [Why haven’t you liked them on Facebook yet? If you had, you’d already know about the eclipse.]
Photographers, budding scientists, and nature buffs, plan for an evening outside on Sunday to watch the total eclipse of the super moon. This is the last supermoon total eclipse until 2033! (The most recent one was clear back in 1982.)

At 7:03 p.m. on Sunday, a full moon rises in the east. You’ll barely catch your breath when the Earth’s shadow begins sliding across the glowing orb at 7:11 p.m. By 7:47 p.m., the moon will be completely in the dark and by 8:23 the whole thing will be over. You don’t even have to keep the kids up late on a school night to see this.

Possibly there might be some cloud cover interfering with this sky spectacular as Sunday night is predicted to be partly cloudy for much of the Emerald Counties.

Keep a close eye on the weather forecast by clicking here. But, we’re thinking about pulling out the tripod and trying to capture the super moon as it is covered in shadow no matter what the weather. Thinking about joining us? Here’s some photography tips. We’ll definitely want to see the results.




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