Missing Eureka Man Hasn’t Picked Up His Money Since Late August

12055248_10208308327085674_1110665430_oFamily members recently learned that Bruce Ewen of Eureka has not picked up his Social Security checks since August 21.

“He’s bi-polar and has schizophrenia,” explained his brother-in-law Randy Williamson. “He usually picks up money every week from a guardian.”  But, Williamson said, Ewen has not attempted to get his money since last month.

“It is terrifying,” Williamson said. “We usually get a call every couple of weeks. We take him out every month.” But, Ewen has recently been off his medication and hadn’t contacted them. This has happened before so his family wasn’t too worried at first.

But, today, they tried to contact someone about his failure to call and learned that he has been reported missing because he hadn’t been picking up his money.

“Bruce doesn’t do that. He likes to be able to buy stuff,” said Williamson. Now, the family is reaching out through social media hoping someone has seen Ewen. If you have, please contact the Eureka Police Department 707-441-4044.

Note: an earlier version of this story misspelled Mr. Ewen’s last name. 



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