Miranda Pushes Back Against Construction Company Accused of Water Thefts


Photo of the truck alleged to have taken water from Miranda on Monday. [Photo by Jason Saloman.]

In response to what they believe was a deliberate theft of water from one of the town’s fire hydrants by Myers and Sons Construction, the board of the Miranda Community Service District met last night. (See links to earlier stories below.) Jason Saloman, the director, tells us that the Board decided on a four pronged response.

First, they will press charges against the construction company.

Second, they will “send a letter of concern to Caltrans asking that this contractor not be allowed to bid on work in our county.”

Third, they will “contact our board of Supervisors and request that they send a similar letter to Caltrans.”

Fourth, they will, “consult with an attorney about a possible civil suit claim.”

Note: Myers and Sons Construction has not yet responded to our calls.

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  • I do not believe that everyone in the company should pay for the criminal activity of some. But they should be filed on fined and restricted on contracts they can bid on.

  • Water district doesn’t even own the water. They should get off their high horse and join humanity.
    What a bunch of mutants.

    • The water district is responsible for collecting and distributing that water. All of the pumps, pipes, tanks and treatment facilities have to be maintained by them. The water that was stolen had been pumped, treated and stored; had it gone through a residential meter it would have helped to generate what little revenue our water district uses to keep these services operational. Therefore your argument is invalid…

      • Notyu “Mr.X” is a troll. Just ignore him. All he does is post things to provoke an argument. Maybe if we ignore him enough, he’ll go somewhere else…

      • No, its taken from the earth so it belongs to everyone. Your pension scams are the real issue here.
        How does one retire with 80℅ pay and not push that off on the consumer?
        It’s all fun till some englishman hires a lawyer or judge.

        Epic neo hippie fail…

        • Uh no,board members are not paid, it’s a volunteer job,troll somewhere else

        • As a past (retired) member of the MCSD board of directors for several years, my pay, thus the basis of my pension, was $0.00. Thus my pension, 80% of my pay according to Mr. X., would be -$0.00 (80% of nothing.

    • Glad to see the water district taking action against the thieves.

  • Ok,..with the name Myers on the truck you would try to steal water from Myers Flat where people might mistake them for the local water district.

  • Something unexplained here: Since this company was working for Cal Trans, where did CT tell them to get the water from?

    • The way they do things you think it would be covered in the contract or sub contract.

    • Hard to say without reviewing the contract that Caltrans even gave them such specifics. They contracted to provide a service, which presumably included providing water for some purpose, but this doesn’t mean the contract specified the source of the water. One thing I’d assume is this company would have included the cost of the water in a future invoice to CalTrans. The only reasons they would steal this water would be convenience and/or to save $$.

      • wet behind the ears

        I would understand if they dropped a line into the river for a bit and moved on but they didn’t. They made a direct connection to a fire hydrant. It shouldn’t be that difficult to make a phone call to a supervisor to verify permissions, or at least show the paperwork which a rig of that size is required to have anyway. The fact that they offered to pay for water on the spot to “clear up” any confusion and make the problem go away says volumes. CalTrans has already said they had no idea about these guys and didn’t authorize the water draw. So tear them a new one Miranda!

  • It’s not up to cal trans to direct them on where to get the water,Myers bid the job,it’s up to Myers to locate a legal water source to use on the job,that is part of the deal when you subcontract a job

  • I just read the following on the website for Myers and Sons. what a great intro to the company and their water stealing ethic. is this the same Myers and sons?:

    “Myers & Sons Construction, LP (Myers) is a heavy civil construction company based in California that still believes in a hard honest day’s work. Led by the iconic C.C. Myers, the firm specializes on delivering high quality, safe, complex, multi-partner projects requiring innovation, partnering, transparency and a focus towards on-time and on-budget project delivery. Our team has a proven track record of “delivering on the impossible.”

  • They were caught red-handed and instead of stopping right away they kept filling their truck — that alone shows Miranda is in the right and should keep going on this matter.

  • Someone will have a video on a security camera that will show when this truck showed up on the project. From there it would go where to get water? North from the project on 101 there would be no bulk water bought. So one would assume every time that truck went north and returned it would be with stolen water. Now all we need is a video of how many times it went north.

  • Has anyone asked what the specs were of the government contract that Caltrans issued and approved, and then, if the contract took into account the full cost of materials called water at $1 a gallon, or did the State of California when issuing the contract assume water is owned by the State and not the land owner as part of the bundle of rights that runs with the land or through the land owners’ proxy the water district?

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