There’s a Meth-od to This Madness; Two Arrested With Drugs After Struggle, Say Ferndale Police

Newman. AllisonThis is a press release from the Ferndale Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On September 22nd, 2015 at approximately 0030 hours, Ferndale Police Officers arrested 33 year old Eureka resident Allison Nicole Newman and 37 year Fortuna resident Gerald Peck for possession of a large quantity of methamphetamine, transportation of methamphetamine and possession for sales of methamphetamine.

Ferndale Police Officers were on patrol in the area of Hwy 211 and Port Kenton Road, just outside of the City of Ferndale, when one of the officers observed a lighting violation on the vehicle driven by Peck. Officers learned Newman was on searchable probation for narcotics. During a weapons pat down of the driver, Peck briefly struggled with one of the officers, broke free from the officer and fled on foot into a dark grassy field. Two officers engaged in a foot pursuit, where Peck came face to face with another officer and took a fighting stance. Officers took Peck to the ground after he refused to comply with verbal commands to surrender.
During the ground struggle, Peck attempted to regain and shove officers off of him and flee again. While attempting to restrain Peck, Peck elbowed one of the officers in the face causing visible injury. The officer sustained a minor injury, which did not require medical treatment. Eventually, officers were able to overcome Peck’s resistance and take him into custody. Search incident to arrest, Peck was found to be in possession of approximately one ounce of methamphetamine. In addition to the methamphetamine, officers located approximately 100 small unused “dime size” plastic baggies consistent with packaging for sales of controlled substances.

Peck. GeraldPeck was arrested and booked on the following charges:

V/C 24601, No license plate light

V/C 5201, Obstructed rear license plate

P/C 69, Violently resisting officers causing injury

P/C 148(a)(1), Resisting arrest

H/S 11377(a), Possession of methamphetamine



H/S 11378, Possession of methamphetamine for sale

H/S 11379, Transportation of methamphetamine for sale

Newman was searched in accordance to her probation terms and officers located

methamphetamine and packing consistent with methamphetamine sales. Hypodermic syringes were located inside of the vehicle.

Newman was arrested and booked for the following charges:

H/S 11377(a), Possession of methamphetamine

H/S 11378, Transportation of methamphetamine for sale

Both Peck and Newman were booked into the Humboldt County Correctional

Facility for the listed charges. For further information, feel free to contact me at the Ferndale Police Department.

Adam. D. Stricker, Police Sergeant

Newman. AllisonPeck. Gerald



  • Don’t care how they got caught,just that they got caught!!Nasty stuff.

    • Yes, it is nasty stuff. You can find the beginnings of addiction to it at your local pharmacy, prescribed by doctors, teachers, social workers the world over. Want to stop the madness? Start at the root.

  • A decent juror with nullification knowledge, could have nullified your case, had you of not resisted arrest. Resisting is bad. Not complying is good. Nullifying bad laws (no victim? No crime!) is the best way to not comply.
    It is not the job of any government to govern your personal choices. It is their job, however, to govern you after you unconsentedly hurt someone.
    Your body is yours & yours alone. So is the cop’s his.

  • Yea, he definitely fucked up by fleeing. Add a few years, at least, to his time.

    I can’t stand tweakers. There is a victim here and that is the end user. If he just had possession, then sure let him tweak I guess. Honestly though, I think meth/crack/speed/oxy ect are harmful substances, so saying no victim is tough imho

    But an oz? Packaging ect.. He is a dealer of poison.

  • My thoughts as I read about this kerfluffel: Good on the cops for not killing the perps. In this day of police violence under the covers of self-defense, the suspects could have easily been DOA. Good cops; extra doughnuts! Really, I’m grateful. But I’m wondering how it would have gone if they’d been Black… Hoping for the best, however. af

    • You do realized that cops kill almost twice as many white people as they do black people each year. Even though statistically black people commit more crimes. but in the end it all comes down to more Americans have been killed by police in the last 12 years then all of the American casualties in the Iraq, Afghanistan war.

  • I’m gonna be clean off crank for 15 yrs I did it cold turkey.with the love and support of my family ,and I feel so lucky to still be here I thank every day is a blessing I hope they can someday find there way and just be sick and tied of being sick and tired of putting that poison inside there body’s

  • Don’t like tweaks, but he did fight for what he believes in, more than most flag wavers these days.
    Never trust a pigtail chick with ink.
    Wondering how things would have been with him one on one with just one cop? Might have had a bargaining chip for freedom.
    Mutants deserve Liberty, too.

  • Well they do make a nice couple if nothing else.

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