Here’s What Measure Z Achieves in Eureka and Fortuna

Press release from Humboldt County:

Humboldt CountyThe Humboldt County Board of Supervisors today approved contracts with the cities of Fortuna and Eureka regarding Measure Z allocations. The contracts describe in detail the actions to be carried out by the agencies receiving funds from Measure Z, the half-cent sales tax approved by voters in November. Three other Measure Z contracts were approved in August.

The City of Fortuna’s allocation of $125,000 will fund a full-time police officer assigned to the Humboldt County Drug Task force. The task force is a multi-jurisdictional group that has been in existence for more than 20 years. It is comprised of local law enforcement agencies that dedicate staff to combat mid- to major-level narcotic offenders in all jurisdictional boundaries of the county.

The City of Eureka’s Measure Z application for $400,000 included a portion for homeless support services. The city will receive $242,200 for two police officers to work with the county’s Mobile Intervention and Services Team (MIST), which is a collaboration between the Eureka Police Department and the Humboldt County Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS). The MIST team works specifically with people who are homeless and need help stabilizing their mental illness and securing services and assistance they need to avoid further problems.

Per request of the City of Eureka, the remaining funds meant to fulfill the objectives described in the city’s application ($157,800) will be transferred to DHHS, which administers housing-related programs and should have the ability to quickly secure homeless support services like rental housing and alcohol and drug services. Specifically, the funds will provide the following services:
• $30,160 for permanent supportive housing, which will provide rental subsidies at 70 percent, while the client pays 30 percent;
• $82,640 for alcohol and drug residential treatment, which will provide a 30-day treatment program and three to seven days of detoxification services;
• $45,000 for rapid re-housing, which typically provides $1,000 per household for security and utility deposits, and some periodic rental support.

In an effort to clearly show how each agency is spending Measure Z funds, the outside agencies will submit quarterly reports and itemized invoices to the county. These materials will be made available on the county’s website at

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  • This is all good looking on paper but will the two cities actually follow threw with out bickering the money away.

  • If the bleeding hearts each housed one homeless then they could really smile knowing they have created affordable housing.

    What is affordable housing? Let’s think about that. Affordable. How many community members can buy a house out right? Isn’t that affordable? Buying a house on loan means that you are spending out of your budget. If you can not pay the full price for a home up front, is it really affordable?

    I have my own home, vehicle, and financial responsibilities. Does it drain on me sometimes? Yes. Would I like to give up and ask for handouts. Yes. Is that reality? For me no it’s not because my family came to California to pioneer, we do not give up. But what I can’t seem to understand us helping others when you are really not in a place to help.

    The city is not in a place to help. It is not the local governments job to create a space for people to continue taking advantage of our resources. Why waste more money and time so the housing can just be destroyed. If they can’t seem to even use a shitter, why would you use city funds to build them a house?

    Build more low income housing for the elderly. Put in a garden on drip lines so the elders the pillars of our town can eat fresh food on their fixed incomes. Let’s take care of the people that love eureka the most, the ones who gave their life to working and living here. Let’s reward them.

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